Jennifer Hudson and Common officially acknowledge their romantic connection with joyful affirmation

After months of speculation, Jennifer Hudson and Common have publicly confirmed their relationship, describing it as a source of love and happiness.
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Long the subject of speculation, Jennifer Hudson and Common have officially confirmed their romantic involvement. Despite being spotted together numerous times, the couple has kept their relationship under wraps until now, fueling fans' curiosity for months.

In a recent interview, Jennifer Hudson opened up about her happiness in the newfound romance with Common, prompting the rapper to express his own delight, stating, "This relationship is a happy place for me."

After taking the stage, Common handed a bouquet of flowers to the 42-year-old. Once seated, Hudson kicked off the segment by getting straight to the burning question everyone had in mind.

""Now, we gotta get down to business, Mr. Common. I’m a host, so I have to ask you this question," she began. "Because everybody always wants to know this — are you currently in a relationship?""

The actor and rapper chuckled as the audience erupted in cheers and applause. After regaining his composure, Common openly admitted that he was indeed dating someone. Without explicitly mentioning Hudson's name, he proceeded to paint a verbal picture of his girlfriend, unmistakably describing the E.G.O.T winner.

"I’m in a relationship with one of the most beautiful people I've ever met in life," he teased. "She’s intelligent, loves God, exudes a genuine down-to-earth quality, and is incredibly talented."

Addressing the Dreamgirls star, he shared that the relationship serves as a "happy place"

"Seeing her happy actually makes me really happy. So, I’m very grateful. I thank God each and every day, and I’m just letting God guide this relationship."

Fans worldwide have eagerly embraced the couple's confirmation, flooding social media with expressions of joy and well-wishes. The love and happiness shared by Jennifer Hudson and Common are unmistakable, as they make a deliberate choice to share their joy with the world.

The initial spark of dating rumors ignited in 2022 when the duo was seen spending time together in their native Chicago. While neither party confirmed nor denied the relationship at the time, this recent public affirmation serves as their official announcement of love.

Jennifer Hudson and Common's relationship stands as a beautiful testament to love and happiness, offering solace to each other amid life's challenges. Their journey together reflects a deep connection, and it's evident that they are destined to share a life of happiness. We extend our heartfelt wishes for their continued joy and love.