Joe Budden reacts to Drake’s diss track: Unveiling his favorite bar

Budden identifies viral lyric as top pick
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The rap world is ablaze with the fiery feud between two of its heavyweight champions. It all began when Kendrick Lamar took direct shots at Drake during his feature on the Future & Metro Boomin track “Like That.” The shockwaves reverberated across the industry, propelling the song to debut at the coveted number one spot on the Hot 100 chart. And in the midst of this lyrical storm, Joe Budden—the outspoken voice of hip-hop—has stepped into the ring once again.

Emergency podcast: Budden breaks It down

Joe Budden didn’t waste a moment. He rallied his co-hosts and convened an emergency podcast to dissect Drake’s highly-anticipated response. As the track played, Budden and his crew analyzed every bar, every beat, and every subtle jab. They delved into the intricacies of the diss, dissecting its layers like seasoned surgeons.

Metro Boomin’s drum bar: Budden’s favorite

Amidst the verbal sparring, one line stood out for Budden. His favorite bar? A sly shot aimed squarely at Metro Boomin, the acclaimed producer known for his infectious beats and signature drum patterns. In this lyrical chess match, Drake deftly weaved a reference to Metro’s production prowess, leaving fans and critics alike nodding in approval.

"He just gotta bar up now, I’m still on ‘Energy,’ let’s see if he ‘Charged Up’ now."

The simplicity of the words belies their impact. Budden couldn’t help but crack a smile as he replayed that snippet. It was a nod to Metro’s artistry, a subtle acknowledgment of the beatmaker’s influence on the game. And in that moment, hip-hop enthusiasts around the world leaned in, hungry for more.

Ross fires back: The beef escalates

Rick Ross
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But the rap beef carousel spins swiftly. Rick Ross, never one to shy away from the mic, swiftly fired back at Drake. In a separate podcast, Ross claimed he was richer—a flex that prompted Drizzy to hit pause on the track. The battle lines were drawn, and the lyrical warfare intensified.

Drake’s unexpected journey

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Drake, the Canadian maestro, had initially hinted at stepping back from music. Yet fate had other plans. The barrage of disses caught him off guard, forcing him to re-enter the arena. Now, with Budden’s spotlight on Metro’s drums, the stakes are higher than ever. The rap gods watch closely, waiting for the next move.

So, dear readers, what’s your take on Joe Budden’s assessment? Is the Metro Boomin drums bar truly the crown jewel of Drake’s response? Or do you hear another line that resonates deeper? Sound off in the comments below. The hip-hop saga continues, and we’re all ears.