Joyner Lucas reveals the elusive quest to reach Eminem: It’s like phoning the president

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Joyner Lucas has pulled back the curtain on the herculean task of connecting with Eminem, likening it to a high-stakes phone call with the Commander-in-Chief. In an exclusive interview with The Breakfast Club, the Massachusetts rapper delved into the intricacies of reaching the elusive rap icon.

The Eminem enigma

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Joyner Lucas, known for his lyrical prowess and thought-provoking tracks, recently shared his experiences attempting to get in touch with the legendary Slim Shady. His revelation sheds light on why Eminem remains an enigma in the music industry.

"It made me realize why people like Marshall move a certain way, Lucas explained. Getting on the phone with him, you can probably hop on the phone quicker with Barack [Obama] than you can hop on the phone with Marshall. That n-gga’s calling you from a line with his manager’s assistant who is calling you from a 1800 number and it’s like elevator music and, ‘Please hold, Marshall’s coming to the phone."

The unreachable number

Eminem’s phone number is a closely guarded secret. Few have it, and even fewer can actually reach him. Lucas humorously compared the experience to “hopping on the phone with the president.” The layers of intermediaries and the cryptic process make it akin to a covert operation.

"I always wondered why this n-gga move like that, Lucas recalled. “I had a conversation with him on the shoot of ‘Lucky You,’ and he was in his trailer. I was like, ‘Yeah man, anytime you wanna talk, you can hit me.’ He was like, ‘Yeah,’ but I could tell he was real standoffish. I asked Royce [Da 5’9″] why he’s like that. He was like, ‘That n-gga’s been through a lot of shit. He’s very closed-off from people."

The Eminem effect

Lucas’s firsthand experience mirrors the sentiments of others who have tried to penetrate Eminem’s inner circle. The Rap God’s guarded demeanor stems from a tumultuous journey through fame, success, and personal struggles. His reluctance to forge new connections is a testament to the toll the industry has taken on him.

"I never understood it, Lucas admitted, “but when I was experiencing the shit I was experiencing, I got it instantly. I’m like, ‘This is why this motherfucker doesn’t want new friends."

Eminem’s praise

Despite the challenge, Eminem has recognized Joyner Lucas’s talent. In the past, he named Lucas as one of his favorite rappers, alongside legends like JAY-Z, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar. Lucas humbly responded,

"If you played ball and studied Michael Jordan as the greatest, and then Michael Jordan name drops you as one of the greatest ball players of all time. That’s how this feels to me."

Joyner Lucas’s candid account provides a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the rap world. Eminem’s elusive nature remains intact, leaving us to marvel at the mystery behind the man who prefers solitude over superficial connections.