Juice Wrld and Eminem Have Dropped New Song Called "Lace It" With Benny Blanco.

"Lace It": A Poignant Harmony of Juice Wrld and Eminem Echoes Through Struggles and Reflections
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In a posthumous collaboration, Juice Wrld and Eminem have joined forces once again for a new track titled "Lace It," produced by Benny Blanco. The song, released across all streaming platforms on December 16, features poignant verses from the late Chicago rapper, reflecting on his struggles with depression and substance abuse in the midst of fame.

Juice Wrld's lyrics delve into the challenges he faced, painting a vivid picture of the toll taken by painkillers and the overwhelming pressure he felt. He raps in the emotionally charged track:

""Stressed out, so I tend to take meds (Take meds)/The Devil told me, 'Good show, break a leg' (Break a leg)/All these pain killers, like I got a pair of broken legs (Broken legs)/All these Percs I pop, you probably thought I was planning to break my neck,"

Juice WRLD

Eminem takes the stage in the second verse, offering cautionary verses on the perils of drug abuse. He reflects on his own near-death experience due to painkiller addiction, expressing gratitude for his survival while acknowledging the devastating loss of other artists to drug-related deaths, including Shock G, Lil Peep, Gangsta Boo, and Juice Wrld himself.

""I was lucky, my escape was narrow and due (Yeah)/Now think I take it for granted/That I'm still here, synthetic heroin you (What?)/Tried to kill me, then you (Yeah)/Murdered Jarad, didn't you? (B***h)/Piece of s**t, thanks to you/Now we lost Gangsta Boo/And Pimp C, Prince, and Michael (Yeah)/Mixin' NyQuil (Uh) with prescription Vic's (Yeah)/Addiction's like a f***kin' vicious cycle (Yeah)/Juice, we will forever miss you,"


Eminem passionately raps, acknowledging the profound impact of addiction on the music industry.

The collaboration not only showcases the artistic synergy between Juice Wrld and Eminem but also serves as a powerful narrative on the struggles faced by artists dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues. "Lace It" stands as a testament to the challenges within the industry, offering a raw and honest reflection on the toll of fame and the harsh realities of addiction.

This collaborative effort carries forward the legacy of Juice Wrld, providing fans with a poignant reminder of his talent and the battles he faced. Eminem's inclusion amplifies the message, urging listeners to consider the broader implications of substance abuse within the music community. As "Lace It" resonates through streaming platforms, it serves as a lasting tribute to Juice Wrld and a call for greater awareness and support for artists navigating the complex landscape of fame and mental health.

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