Kai Cenat addresses Elliot Wilson's critique of Nicki Minaj's stream and Charlamagne Tha God's positive remarks.

Jayda's 26th Birthday Celebration
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In the previous month, Nicki Minaj teamed up with Kai Cenat for a live stream to promote her latest album, Pink Friday 2. However, not everyone was enthusiastic about her presence. The livestream featured enjoyable moments, including the Queen of Rap showcasing her dance skills with Cenat's family. While many fans appreciated Nicki's efforts to connect with Cenat and share the love, some, particularly Elliot Wilson, had reservations about the stream.

Last month, Wilson seemingly aimed a critique at Cenat by sharing a screenshot of Nicki Minaj twerking during her participation in his Twitch livestream. He captioned the image with "Hip Hop Journalism."

Nicki Minaj promptly responded to Wilson on Twitter, delivering a swift comeback.

"Elliot if you’d spit JayZ d*kk out for one second, you’d be able to be happy for the new comers. Isn’t that how y’all tried to tarnish my image? By saying I’m not welcoming new btchs in? Did songs with all of them tho. Why you not happy for a young black man like Kai. Tmrw b*tch."

Nicki Minaj
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In response to a video of Charlamagne Tha God commending his work, Kai Cenat shared his perspective. He acknowledged Elliott's immediate response to Nicki's tweet but expressed his understanding that in the current era, individuals who have been accustomed to a particular way of doing things may struggle to grasp new trends. Cenat conveyed that such reactions don't bother him much, recognizing his youth and the exciting journey ahead of him.

"Elliott did respond immediately to Nicki’s tweet about him, but the way I viewed it was like, right now in today’s day and age, people been doing it for so long that it’s been the same for years and years. But when there’s a new thing that’s out, they can’t really grasp and understand it.

So sh*t like that don’t necessarily bother me because I know the position I’m in and I know I’m young, bro. I have a whole journey ahead of me."

In the livestream, Cenat responded to Charlamagne Tha God offering him high praise, hailing the 22-year-old as "everything we claim we desire hip hop to embody." Cenat couldn't contain his excitement, shouting out in response to Charlamagne's generous words, expressing, "That's a significant statement, bro."