Kanye West expresses affection for Kid Cudi after resolving feud; fans react

Kanye West's support for Kid Cudi raises eyebrows
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Kanye West recently demonstrated his support for Kid Cudi following their recent resolution of past conflicts. However, fans couldn't help but notice a peculiar detail in Kanye's gesture: he posted a screenshot on his Instagram Stories, ostensibly showing him listening to Cudi's new album "INSANO," but astute observers quickly realized that Kanye had the volume turned down, effectively playing the song on mute.

This curious choice sparked commentary among fans, with some questioning the authenticity of Kanye's public display of support.

"“Why would Kanye post himself listening to Kid Cudi’s album on mute,” "


One X user asked, then another said:

"“Kanye listening to that new Cudi on mute I’m sick.”"


Moreover, West also shared a flyer promoting an upcoming concert by Mike Dean, a collaborator from his past. Yet, it's crucial to acknowledge the strained relationships within this trio. Kanye West and Mike Dean's connection faced challenges during the tumultuous recording sessions for the "DONDA" album in 2021.

Dean openly criticized West for publicly sharing private text messages and disapproved of Kanye's controversial statements during interviews. Additionally, Mike Dean expressed discontent over being excluded from Kid Cudi's project "Moon Man’s Landing," attributing it to jealousy.

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Despite these publicized conflicts, there are rumors of Kid Cudi making an appearance on Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign's upcoming album, "Vultures."

However, Mike Dean's role in the project remains uncertain, leaving fans intrigued about the evolving dynamics between Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Mike Dean in the ever-changing landscape of the hip-hop community. The nuances of these relationships and potential collaborations continue to captivate the attention of hip-hop enthusiasts worldwide.