Katt Williams hilariously responds to Nicki Minaj’s tour invitation

The comedy kingpin weighs in on the Pink Friday 2 world tour

Katt Williams: Conspiracy Theory Tour
Katt Williams: Conspiracy Theory Tour / Jason Davis/GettyImages

The hip-hop universe is buzzing with excitement as Nicki Minaj embarks on her Pink Friday 2 World Tour. But there’s one question on everyone’s mind: Who will be the opening act? Well, the answer just got a whole lot funnier.

Katt Williams, the irreverent comedian known for his lightning-fast wit and no-holds-barred humor, has finally broken his silence on Minaj’s invitation. During a recent stop on his own Dark Matter Tour in Charlotte, North Carolina, Williams delivered a response that left fans in stitches.

The invitation that shook the comedy world

Minaj, never one to shy away from bold moves, took to a live stream to gauge fan opinions on potential tour openers. And guess who she settled on? None other than “the busiest man in show business,” Katt Williams. She playfully challenged her fans to reach out to Williams and inquire about his price tag for joining the Pink Friday 2 Gag City Tour.

Katt’s hilarious take

In true Katt Williams fashion, his response was as unexpected as it was side-splitting.

"Nicki Minaj said she wanted me on her tour,” Williams quipped, “and she told so many people that a million folks hit my phone simultaneously.” He paused for dramatic effect. “It scared me and Jesus. He shut all of AT&T down!"

A non-committal yes?

While Williams didn’t give a straightforward yes or no, his playful banter has set the internet abuzz. Fans are now speculating whether the comedy maestro will indeed grace the Pink Friday 2 stage. With dozens of tour dates still ahead, could we see Katt Williams warming up the crowd before Minaj’s electrifying performances? Only time will tell.

Bursting with laughter

As the Pink Friday 2 World Tour continues its whirlwind journey, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any updates. Whether Katt Williams joins the lineup or not, one thing’s for sure: His response has added an extra layer of intrigue to an already epic tour.