Killer Mike proposes bold child support reform to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Strengthening black communities and transforming child support systems

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In a candid conversation at his Swag Shop Barbershop in Atlanta, Grammy-winning rapper and entrepreneur Killer Mike dropped a bombshell proposal aimed at revolutionizing child support systems and empowering Black communities. His unlikely audience? Controversial contender for the presidency, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The two-year plan: Debt-free beginnings

Mike’s plan is as audacious as his rhymes. He envisions a two-year grace period for new parents, during which child support payments are waived. No financial burden, no court battles. Instead, the focus shifts to investing in the child’s future. Here’s how it breaks down:

  1. Debt-free years: For the initial two years, parents won’t owe a dime. The state covers essential expenses like food programs and early education. No more dragging reluctant fathers to court.
  2. Trade school option: During this grace period, fathers have a choice. They can either pay back the state or invest in their child’s future by attending trade school. It’s a win-win: education for dads and stability for kids.
  3. Closing the education gap: Mike’s passionate about closing the education gap. He points out that while young women are increasingly pursuing college degrees, young men often lag behind. His proposal aims to level the playing field.

Strengthening black families through marriage

But Mike doesn’t stop there. He advocates for incentives that encourage couples to tie the knot. Marriage, he believes, is a cornerstone of strong communities. If a couple marries, they’d receive additional support. It’s a bold move to strengthen the Black family unit.

Cube, Kennedy, and the vaccine Controversy

Mike’s recent defense of fellow rapper Ice Cube raised eyebrows. Cube faced backlash for posing with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who’s been criticized for his anti-vaccine views. Mike’s Instagram post praised Cube’s impact on Black empowerment, emphasizing that a picture isn’t an endorsement.

Kennedy, too, has his supporters. Rapper Beanie Sigel endorsed him, lauding his honest policies and commitment to empowering the people. Sigel’s message to the tri-state area? “Support Kennedy.”

In a world where politics and hip-hop collide, Killer Mike’s child support revolution is a mic drop moment. Whether it’ll rank number one on Google remains to be seen, but it’s already making waves in the community.