KXNG Crooked's take: Eminem's impact on Benzino's beef

Benzino’s Ongoing Feud: Benzino, a hip-hop veteran, has been at odds with Eminem.

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KXNG Crooked, a respected figure in West Coast hip-hop, recently shared his candid perspective on the ongoing feud between Benzino and Eminem.

KXNG Crooked, known for his honesty and sincerity, weighs in on the conflict between two rap giants: Benzino and Eminem. His allegiance to Team Eminem is evident from past interactions. Let’s dive into the intricacies of this rap battle.

Benzino’s attempted diss

Benzino’s diss aimed at Eminem and Crooked I fell flat. Crooked’s response on social media hinted at deeper insights. Crooked knew that Benzino couldn’t outclass Eminem lyrically. Eminem’s wordplay prowess is unmatched. Benzino previously tried to drag Crooked into the feud.

Crook’s corner weekly episode

CrookedCrooked addressed Benzino’s actions in a dedicated episode. Crooked dissected Benzino’s tactics, including manipulation and exploitation. Crooked firmly supports Eminem over Benzino.

Crooked discusses how Benzino played a tape of Eminem making derogatory remarks at a press conference and how Crooked felt ambushed by the situation. He talks about the pressure to engage in the beef between Benzino and Eminem due to his association with Death Row Records. Crooked reflects on his decision to focus on his own career ambitions rather than getting involved in the beef. He also discusses the impact of the incident on The Source magazine and the broader hip-hop community.

"Yo, Benzino pulls out this tape at the press conference, catching me off guard. Suddenly, I'm dragged into this beef without even knowing what's up. Back in LA, people are pushing me to go at Eminem, but I've got my own goals, my own path to follow.

Then, The Source gets rocked by Benzino's move. But when Em apologizes, everything shifts against him. Ad money starts pulling out, and Double XXL rises up.

So, what would you do if you were Benzino? And can him and Em ever really squash their beef? That's the real talk we gotta think about."

Eminem’s impact

Eminem’s mention of Benzino highlights his influence. Eminem strategically gains attention through these feuds. Crooked acknowledges Eminem unintentionally boosting Benzino’s relevance.

Benzino’s desperation

Benzino clings to Eminem’s mentions for relevance. Crooked observes Benzino’s credibility waning in the industry. Speculation on Benzino’s next moves in response to Eminem.

Crooked expresses empathy towards Benzino in the beef with Eminem, acknowledging the significant fall from fame and the personal toll it takes. He compares it to seeing a family in a homeless shelter, highlighting the harsh reality of losing everything. Crooked emphasizes that everyone experiences loss and hardship, and he chooses not to add to Benzino's struggles by kicking him while he's down.

"Yo, check it: I feel for Benzino, man. Going from the top to rock bottom, that's rough. Even if it's your own fault, it still stings like hell. He thought he was doing something big for hip hop, but it all backfired. Now, he's dealing with the fallout. I've had my own losses, learned some hard lessons. So, when I see Benzino taking hits, I ain't gonna add to his pain. We all go through rough patches, I ain't about to kick a man when he's down. Peace, y'all."

Benzino’s clout-seeking efforts are in vain. Crooked anticipates Benzino’s future actions. Eminem’s enduring influence remains unmatched in hip-hop.