Lil Jon to release Meditation Album following split with wife and Superbowl performance

Super Bowl LVIII - Halftime
Super Bowl LVIII - Halftime / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The acclaimed hip-hop artist, Lil Jon, is ready for the release of a meditation record entitled "Total Meditation" on the 16th of February. The record is nothing but the story of Mike’s life, more particularly his intense dedication towards his fitness, well-being and his meditational habits that he seriously committed to after their separation. 

In his interview with XXL, Lil Jon said that he had started to search for other ways to relieve stress after the divorce because he was so depressed and he thought that meditation could help him get some inner peace. 

This surprising transition into the field of meditation was after his recent visit to the super bowl half time show as well, where he not only did sang but also did the role of director. It is pronounced that the album is a switch from the most common party- and energy-charged songs, with the other side of him is probably shown to fans.

"I've always kind of meditated a little bit," Jon shares, "but when I turned 50, started going through a lot of things. Started going through a divorce, I'm separated now, and all the emotions from the divorce and all that process was really getting to me. So, I found I had to start to go within to calm myself."

Lil Jon's creation of a meditation album is a milestone in his musical expertise. It shows changes in his personal life after he started meditation. The wildest of his decisions comes in the form of this whip that has certainly caught the eye and the mind of many fans and the industry as a whole. The album will deliver a relatively innovative combination of hip-hop and meditative music, which drive the listeners into a new level of musicality.

Lil Jon also discussed his lifestyle changes, including reducing alcohol consumption, engaging in regular exercise, exploring herbalism, and listening to binaural beats. These changes were inspired by his desire to prioritize his health and well-being, as well as by witnessing the health struggles of his fellow rap artists. Lil Jon expressed his commitment to leading a healthier lifestyle and emphasized the importance of taking care of his body to fulfill his purpose on this planet.

Lil Jon, was born on January 17th, in 1971 in the capital city of Georgia-Atlanta. He gained popularity as the lead vocalist of Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz with making his professional appearance in 1997 to 2004. Following the separation of the group, he proceeded with a needlessly lucrative music career. Moreover, he produced hits like "Get Low" and "Salt Shaker" along with Ying Yang Twins. As well, he worked on "Yeah!" with Usher and Ludacris and many other tracks. 

Crunk Rock released in 2010 can be regarded as a rejuvenating force which led many crunk genre pioneers. This year, after 7 studio albums and 15 released singles Jon has established himself as both an entrepreneur producing smash hits for Usher, Petey Pablo, making his name indelible in the genre that is hip-hop.

The release of "Total Meditation" marks a new and unexpected chapter in Lil Jon's career, demonstrating his versatility as an artist and his willingness to explore different musical and personal dimensions. The album is set to offer a unique and introspective journey for both his longtime fans and those who are new to his music.

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