Lil Wayne's exclusive interview with YG: Trump pardon, hot boys reunion, and more

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In an exclusive interview on the 4HUNNID Podcast, Lil Wayne sat down with fellow rapper YG and host Stevie to discuss a myriad of topics. From his enduring relationship with music to his contemplations on marriage, Wayne offered candid insights. Here's a glimpse into their revealing conversation:

Gratitude for Trump's pardon

Expressing gratitude, Lil Wayne reflected on the unexpected pardon he received from former President Donald Trump. As Trump's presidency drew to a close, he extended clemency to over 140 individuals, including the iconic rapper. Wayne acknowledged the gesture, emphasizing his resolve to contribute more to his craft.

Hot boys reunion tour?

Fans eagerly anticipate news of a potential Hot Boys reunion tour. Wayne addressed the speculation, indicating his openness to the idea. Could we witness the Hot Boys gracing the stage together once again? The excitement mounts.

Love and marriage

When questioned about his personal life and the prospect of marriage, Wayne remained enigmatic. Without dismissing the notion, he left fans intrigued about the potential partner who might captivate his heart.

Super Bowl aspirations

Wayne harbors ambitions of performing at Super Bowl LIX in his hometown of New Orleans. His profound affection for the city and its vibrant culture shines as he envisions taking the grand stage of the Super Bowl.

Insights into Wayne's personal realm

The interview delved into Wayne's personal sphere, exploring his mother's influence, dedication to healthy living, and the nuances of fatherhood, particularly raising a daughter. Wayne also reminisced about filming "Baller Blockin" and collaborating with the late Static Major on the chart-topping track "Lollipop."

Evaluating the Tha Carter albums

Wayne didn't shy away from assessing his own musical catalog. He shared his reflections on all five Tha Carter albums, disclosing the ones that hold a special place in his heart. Fans are sure to engage in spirited debates over his selections.

Engaging in light-hearted banter

Before concluding, Wayne engaged in a light-hearted game, disclosing his top three female rappers, weighing in on the Biggie vs. Jay-Z discourse, and even sharing his favorite meal. It's these spontaneous moments that render Lil Wayne's interviews truly memorable.

Lil Wayne's dialogue with YG offers a rare glimpse into the psyche of a rap luminary. From presidential pardons to potential tours, Wayne's transparency and authenticity shine through. As fans eagerly anticipate his next endeavors, one fact remains indisputable: Lil Wayne remains an indelible force in the realm of hip-hop.

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