Lizzo advocates for Palestine, Sudan, and the Congo: “We ain’t free 'til we all free”

Lizzo’s powerful message in support of Palestine, Sudan, and the Congo highlights the importance of activism. Learn how she overcame personal struggles and why college protests matter.
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In a heartfelt Instagram video posted on May 13, 2024Lizzo, the chart-topping American singer and songwriter, used her influential platform to speak out in support of Palestine, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. As an entertainment news writer with a focus on hip-hop and entertainment, you’ll want to pay attention to Lizzo’s powerful message.

Lizzo began by expressing her gratitude to the tireless activists who work towards the liberation and freedom of people affected by genocide across the globe. She specifically mentioned the ongoing crises in Palestine, Sudan, and the Congo.

"long overdue," Lizzo said she wanted "to take a second and give a personal thank-you to all of the activists who have been working tirelessly to help the liberation and the freedom of the people who have been genocided all over the world, specifically Palestine, Sudan and the Congo."

As someone who has closely collaborated with activists, Lizzo understands the emotional toll their work can take. She acknowledged their efforts, emphasizing that their work is not in vain.

"has worked closely with activists" in the past and thus knows "the toll it can take on your mental and your physical [health], and it can feel thankless," she said. "So if you haven't heard today, thank you. Your work is not in vain. You have helped so many people; you have saved literal lives.""

Lizzo expresses her gratitude and appreciation for activists. She acknowledges that she has worked closely with activists in the past and understands the toll it can take on their mental and physical health. She emphasizes that their work is not in vain and that they have helped many people, even saving literal lives. Lizzo's message is a heartfelt thank you to activists for their dedication and impact on society.

The “Special” singer candidly shared her own struggles, revealing that she faced mental health crises and episodes over the past year, leaving her in a deep, dark depression. However, witnessing the activism of others motivated her to rise above these challenges. Lizzo emphasized that she wasn’t sharing this for sympathy but to be transparent with her audience. The kindness from people online and the activism she witnessed both played a crucial role in her recovery.

Lizzo also highlighted the importance of student protests on college campuses. She commended the students who have been tirelessly advocating for change. Additionally, she mentioned Operation Olive Branch, a grassroots aid organization that directly supports struggling Palestinian families. Lizzo pledged to continue reaching out to activists and promised to share more information on how people can contribute to ending ongoing genocides worldwide.