Logic drops unannounced music video for new single "Juice II"

Wiz Khalifa & Logic Vinyl Verse Summer Tour 2022 - Nashville, TN
Wiz Khalifa & Logic Vinyl Verse Summer Tour 2022 - Nashville, TN / Danielle Del Valle/GettyImages

Twitter is buzzing with excitement as Maryland-native rapper Logic unexpectedly drops a music video for a single titled "Juice II". It's been two months since we've seen any new visual material from Hip Hop artist Logic, who is about to kick off his College Park Tour on May 25, accompanied by Juicy J on select dates. Let's take a quick peek at what Logic has been up to lately and what fans can look forward to from here.

Did logic drop a new track? What has he been up to?

If you don't know, Logic never actually stopped making music. Many fans of his previous projects seem to think that after his final album with Def Jam back in 2022, Vinyl Days, he was likely going to retire. Logic in the past had been very vocal about the dissatisfaction with Def Jam. But if you think the "1-800-273-8255" rapper was going to call it quits, pack up, and lie around sipping mojitos well into old age, think again.

It was rumored and joked among not only fans but other artists as well that Logic would, or in some cases should, stop making music after his Vinyl Days album. Whether you love him or hate him, you've got to admit his work ethic and dedication to his craft is to be respected.

After Logic split with Def Jam, he independently released his eighth studio album, College Park. Officially announced in January 2023, the album sold 17,844 units, boasting a diverse lineup of other creatives like Joey Badass, RZA, Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra, and even Seth McFarlane.

In all likelihood, "Juice II" was released by surprise as a way to attract some hype toward his College Park Tour. Whether that's true or not is up for debate, however, it's likely that this drop will indeed have an effect on ticket sales and Logic is going to be part of the conversation in a big way again. It looks like he's revamped and ready to attack the industry with some new energy, citing his newfound freedom.

"For those of you that don't know, I'm off Def Jam. I'm a motherf*****g free man, baby."

Logic, "Juice II" Music Video

With this very obvious injection of fresh creativity, what else will Logic be surprising us with in the future? You'll have to follow Rhyme Junkie to stay up to date and find out for yourself!