Mary J. Blige reveal her unyielding quest for love: “I want a man!”

2024 Urban One Honors: Best In Black - Arrivals
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The iconic R&B songstress, Mary J. Blige, bares her soul and declares her unwavering pursuit of love, even after enduring a tumultuous marriage. In an exclusive interview, she shares her heart’s desires and the resilience that fuels her.

The lover girl era

Mary J. Blige, the legendary artist behind timeless hits like “No More Drama” and “Be Without You,” recently sat down with TODAY’s Hoda & Jenna to discuss her journey through love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. As she celebrates the 30th anniversary of her breakout album My Life, Mary reflects on the emotional rollercoaster that inspired her music.

"The My Life album was me basically really crying for help and just wanting somebody to love me,” she reveals. "

The album, which featured soul-baring tracks like “Please Don’t Go” and “I Never Want To Live Without You,” captured a pivotal moment in her life—a desperate search for love in all the wrong places.

From heartache to resilience

But Mary’s story didn’t end there. Her latest single, “Still Believe In Love,” has dominated the R&B charts for eight consecutive weeks. The song, born from the ashes of her divorce from Kendu Isaacs in 2016, encapsulates her unwavering belief in love—even when faced with heartache.

"Because I believe in love for myself, I’m not going to give up on love,” Mary asserts. “I’m not going to let a bad relationship or a bad marriage stop me from having a good life and experiencing romance."

Manifesting Self-Love

At the Urban One Honors, where Mary received the Entertainment Icon Award, she took a moment to thank herself.

"I never thought I was supposed to [thank myself],” she confessed. “But after I’ve come through so much gracefully, I owe myself a ‘thank you.’ Now I’m boasting, I’m bragging, I’m loving on myself because I’ve earned it."

A message of empowerment

Mary’s journey serves as a beacon of empowerment for anyone navigating love’s treacherous waters. Her resilience, vulnerability, and unyielding spirit inspire us all to keep believing—even when love seems elusive.

So, as Mary belts out her soulful tunes, remember her words: “I want a man! I want love, I want it all, and I’m not going to let my past stop me from that.