Meek Mill removes Vory from Dream Chasers amid domestic abuse allegations

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Recently there is a video clip circulated of Vory, formerly associated with Dream Chases, engaging in a disgusting confrontation in which he can be seen hurting his partner. On the contrary, the owner of the label, Meek Mill, commented on the removal of Vory from the Dream Chasers company. Videos showed Vory expressing angry threats against a woman which consequently sparked public outrage, and prompted instant reaction from Meek Mill.

Unquestionably, the incident ignited the conversations on whom to hold responsible, what privacy means and what the consequences of our nowadays 24/7 digital existence might be, in the era of all-encompassing surveillance and social media. However, some pose the question that private dialogue should not be subjected to the same degree of scrutiny as public debates, while others display the significance of one's level of self-control and accountability not only in public discussions but in all contexts.

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This makes Vory’s life characteristics, particularly career, private and public life relations that are specific to people of his trade, the focus of the issue. The common scrutiny and the expectancies from the public need high-level of vigilance and responsibility on actions and words of prominent figures.

Vory's depreciation from Dream Chasers was one of the subjects covered that implicated the issues of toxic lovers’ relationships and the approaches of these subjects in the art. Art can mirror real-life events, but it still has divergence from that and another factor that times and cultures make appealing and distasteful. Vory's situation has revealed, however, the line that needs to be drawn between the artist's freedom of expression and acts harming other people.

Contrary to the stereotypical image, Vory's story opened the floor to broader social issues rather than stopping at Vory's situation Observations of the participants showed how the world with Internet offers both possibilities for privacy and freedom of expression that change as the society evolves. Technological progress has made the distinction between the public and private domains fuzzier and that is especially true for the people who are outspoken and those that play leading role publicly. They have to adapt to the new environments and keep untidy behaviour at bay with their every word and action.

Generally, the ejecting of Vory off DreamChasers platform manifests the essence of responsibility and courtesy in both social and professional dealings. This case not only stirred up debates about how to walk in balance between privacy and freedom of expression to some extent, but showed that all people have to do the same - to behave decently in any circumstance. Moving forward conversations regarding these issues will continue. In summary, it will be paramount to construct a space where people can appreciate one another's opinions, be open-minded and responsible.