Megan Thee Stallion stuns fans by sipping live snake liquor: A wild Japanese adventure

"Mean Girls" - Global Premiere
"Mean Girls" - Global Premiere / Jason Mendez/GettyImages

Hip-hop sensation Megan Thee Stallion has the internet buzzing once again, and this time it’s not about her chart-topping hits or fierce fashion choices. No, it’s about her daring taste in libations.

The shocking sip: A live snake in a bottle

In a jaw-dropping video shared on TikTok, Megan Thee Stallion takes her adventurous spirit to new heights. The 29-year-old rapper, fresh from presenting at the 2024 Crunchyroll Anime Awards in Japan, decided to sample a drink that’s not for the faint of heart. Brace yourselves, because this isn’t your typical cocktail.

What’s in the bottle?

Megan raises the glass to her lips, and what do we see? A live snake coiled inside the liquor-filled container. Yes, you read that right. It’s not a CGI trick or a special effect—it’s the real deal. The snake, known as the Habu, is native to Okinawa, Japan, and its venomous reputation precedes it. But Megan, never one to shy away from an adrenaline rush, dives right in.

Snake wine: The bizarre brew

It’s called snake wine, and it’s not your average happy hour choice. Here’s how it’s made:

  1. The venomous viper: The Habu snake, a pit viper, is captured and placed into a bottle of strong alcohol. The venomous creature is left to ferment, creating a potent elixir.
  2. Aged to perfection: The snake’s venom infuses the alcohol, resulting in a brew that’s not only daring but also believed to have medicinal properties. Locals swear by its ability to boost vitality and cure ailments. Talk about a wild remedy!
  3. Not for the weak: As the saying goes, “Not for the weak.” Megan’s expression says it all as she takes a sip. The liquor reportedly tastes like—you guessed it—a snake. Earthy, intense, and definitely not your run-of-the-mill shot.

Why snake wine?

Beyond the shock factor, snake wine has cultural significance in Japan. It’s often consumed during celebrations, festivals, and special occasions. Locals believe it brings good luck, wards off evil spirits, and even enhances virility. So, Megan’s daring move wasn’t just about the thrill; it was a nod to tradition and curiosity.

As Megan Thee Stallion raises her glass, we’re left wondering: Is this a trend that’ll catch on? Will snake wine become the next must-have beverage at exclusive parties? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: Megan’s fearless spirit and willingness to embrace the exotic make her a true trailblazer.

So, the next time you’re sipping your mundane mojito, remember Megan, the hip-hop queen who chugged a drink made of a live snake. Cheers—or should we say, hiss?