Metro Boomin releases controversial “diss beat” targeting Drake and responds to “like that” cease & desist claims

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In a surprising turn of events, renowned hip-hop producer Metro Boomin has dropped a scorching “diss beat” aimed squarely at rap superstar Drake. The track, titled “BBL Drizzy,” has sent shockwaves through the music industry and ignited a fiery feud between the two artists.

The feud between Metro Boomin and Drake has been simmering for years, but it recently reached a boiling point. While all eyes have been on the epic Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake battle, it’s Metro Boomin who has taken center stage with his no-holds-barred attack.

Drake, in his latest release, took shots at Metro Boomin, accusing him of orchestrating beefs and roping Future into dissing him. The Toronto superstar even claimed that Metro had produced two entire diss albums aimed at him. Metro, not one to back down, responded swiftly and decisively.

Metro Boomin’s Twitter tirade

Metro Boomin took to Twitter to unleash a barrage of memes, old clips, and accusations against Drake. Here are some highlights:

Memes galore: Metro shared memes poking fun at Drake’s infamous “making some drums” line, referencing the ongoing feud. He also dug up old clips of Drake in homophobic skits, adding a layer of irony given the context.

Accusations of “colonizer” behavior: Metro called out Drake’s behavior, including instances where he allegedly exhibited “colonizer” tendencies. From dismissing Toronto slang as “ignorant” to using the hard “R” and appearing in blackface, Metro didn’t hold back.

The “not like us” record: Metro retweeted Kendrick Lamar’s powerful line: “we don’t wanna hear you say n***a no more.” Clearly, he wanted to emphasize the cultural divide between Drake and himself.

Personal jabs: Metro didn’t stop at the music. He mocked Drake’s painted nails, alleged liposuction, and even shared intimate photos of Drake with other men. The feud got personal, and Metro held nothing back.

The controversial beat

But Metro Boomin didn’t just stop at tweets. He dropped a beat that has the hip-hop world buzzing. The “BBL Drizzy” beat samples a familiar sound, and Metro challenged rappers to spit their best verses over it. The winner would receive the beat for free. It’s a bold move that has fans eagerly awaiting responses from other artists.

Radio rights and like that

Metro also addressed the radio rights issue surrounding Drake’s track like that. He claimed that Drake’s team refused to grant radio rights for the song, adding fuel to the fire. Whether this is true or not, it adds another layer of tension to the feud.

As the dust settles, one thing is clear: Metro Boomin isn’t backing down. His controversial “diss beat” has put him squarely in the spotlight, and fans are eagerly awaiting Drake’s response. Will the 6ix God rise to the challenge, or will Metro’s beat reign supreme? Only time will tell.