Mike Will Made-It discloses that this Jay-Z track was intended for Big Sean.

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In an unexpected twist of fate, Mike Will Made-It, the acclaimed music producer, has unearthed a hidden truth about JAY-Z's blockbuster hit 'Beach is Better.' Contrary to popular belief, the track that has solidified its place in JAY-Z's musical legacy was initially destined for Big Sean, a heavyweight in the hip-hop realm.

Mike Will Made-It, the maestro behind numerous chart-toppers, spilled the beans on the origins of 'Beach is Better.' A standout from JAY-Z's 2013 album 'Magna Carta Holy Grail,' the song was initially tailored with Big Sean in mind. This revelation peels back the layers of the song's history, providing fans with an intimate look into the creative genesis of one of hip-hop's most unforgettable compositions.

During a Saturday interview on the All The Smoke podcast, the rapper and record producer shared insights on how the standout track from Magna Carta Holy Grail was initially intended for the artist known for "Best Mistake."

"Alright, so, ‘Beach is Better’ started off: Big Sean had ’10 to 10,'” he revealed. “He wanted a beat around ’10 to 10.’ So we had did a couple of beats around the a cappella voice note that he had. And ‘Beach is Better’ was one of them"

The rationale behind the switch remains shrouded in mystery. Nevertheless, the fact that JAY-Z took the reins on 'Beach is Better' undoubtedly played a pivotal role in propelling the song to success and cementing its enduring popularity. The track's ferocious beats, coupled with infectious lyrics and JAY-Z's distinctive delivery, have etched it as a timeless classic within the rapper's extensive repertoire.

Despite its initial destiny, 'Beach is Better' has become synonymous with JAY-Z, showcasing the rapper's knack for transforming any song into a uniquely crafted masterpiece. Mike Will Made-It's revelation provides a captivating glimpse into the fluidity of the music creation process, where songs can seamlessly transition between artists, taking unexpected evolutionary paths.

The disclosure that 'Beach is Better' was originally earmarked for Big Sean introduces an enthralling twist to the song's narrative. It serves as a poignant reminder of the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the music industry, where a composition conceived with one artist in mind can metamorphose into a chart-topping sensation for another.

Uncover the untold narrative behind JAY-Z's hit 'Beach is Better.' Delve into the revelation that the track, initially intended for Big Sean, ultimately became a timeless gem in JAY-Z's musical tapestry, as disclosed by the visionary producer Mike Will Made-It.