NBA YoungBoy arrested in Utah: Drug and weapons charges

Rapper NBA YoungBoy faces legal trouble in Utah
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NBA YoungBoy, the 24-year-old Louisiana-born rap sensation, has found himself in hot water once again. On Tuesday, he was arrested in Utah on a laundry list of charges, including possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person and a pattern of unlawful activity. These serious allegations could have significant consequences for the artist’s career and personal life.

The charges

YoungBoy, whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, faces six charges in total. The most severe among them are Class 2 felony charges, which include:

  1. Possession of a Dangerous Weapon: Authorities allege that YoungBoy had a weapon in his possession, a violation of Utah state law.
  2. Pattern of Unlawful Activity: This charge suggests a repeated pattern of criminal behavior, which could exacerbate the legal consequences.

In addition to these major charges, YoungBoy also faces lesser offenses, such as procuring or attempting to procure drugs/prescriptionsidentity fraudforgery, and possession of other controlled substances.

House arrest and previous legal troubles

YoungBoy had been serving strict house arrest following a pair of arrests during a 2020 music video shoot. During that incident, he was allegedly caught with two guns, leading to his indictment in March 2021. Sixteen people were arrested alongside him on drug and weapon charges while filming the video in an abandoned lot.

The rapper is still awaiting trial for those gun-related charges. His legal battles have been closely watched by fans and industry insiders alike. Despite his legal woes, YoungBoy has continued to make headlines with his music collaborations, including features on tracks by Migos, Juice Wrld, and Tyler, the Creator.

A troubled past

YoungBoy’s legal troubles extend beyond Utah. In 2022, he was found not guilty of “knowingly” possessing a firearm during a separate arrest in Los Angeles. During that trial, a district court judge ruled to exclude the use of YoungBoy’s lyrics as evidence. His lyrics, often filled with raw emotion and vivid storytelling, have been a central focus in his legal battles.

In a surprising turn of events, YoungBoy expressed regret for his violent lyrics in a 2023 Billboard cover story. He even hinted at a desire to change his path, stating that he planned to become a Mormon. Whether this transformation will impact his legal standing remains to be seen.

YoungBoy’s arrest in Utah has sent shockwaves through the hip-hop community. Fans are left wondering about the future of his music career, especially considering his ongoing legal challenges. As the case unfolds, we’ll keep a close eye on the courtroom drama and its potential repercussions for this talented yet troubled artist.