NBA Youngboy Says He’s Been Smoking Cigarettes Since He Was 7 Years Old

YoungBoy Never Broke Again Share Candid Confessions About Early Cigarette Experiences

Lil Wayne's Lil WeezyAna Fest
Lil Wayne's Lil WeezyAna Fest / Erika Goldring/GettyImages

YoungBoy Never Broke Again recently opened up about a surprising habit, revealing that he has been smoking cigarettes since the tender age of seven. In a candid interview with Bootleg Kev, the 24-year-old rapper casually shared this revelation while puffing on what seemed to be a Newport cigarette.

Recounting how he first encountered cigarettes, YoungBoy shared a childhood memory involving his godfather, who had run away from the army and settled in New Orleans. During this time, YoungBoy observed his godfather smoking, and each time the cigarette was discarded, he would snatch it up and smoke the remnants. Bootleg Kev inquired if he smoked what was left, to which YoungBoy nonchalantly responded with a simple "Yeah."

This admission echoes a similar revelation made by J. Cole in March of the previous year. The renowned rapper disclosed to Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers on ESPN that he began smoking regularly at the tender age of six. J. Cole attributed this early introduction to smoking to his desire to fit in with the older kids in the neighborhood, especially those associated with his older brother.

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Reflecting on the impact of his actions, J. Cole described the moment when his mother discovered he had been smoking. The disappointment and heartbreak on her face served as a pivotal, life-changing moment for the young artist. Realizing the potential harm his actions could inflict on others, J. Cole became a self-corrector, recognizing the need for personal responsibility.

These revelations from both YoungBoy Never Broke Again and J. Cole shed light on the early exposure to harmful habits and the subsequent impact on their lives. The contrast in their reactions, with YoungBoy's seemingly nonchalant attitude and J. Cole's reflective self-correction, highlights the diverse ways individuals respond to early-life experiences.

As these artists share their journeys, it prompts discussions about the influence of surroundings and the importance of self-awareness, urging listeners to consider the potential consequences of their actions on themselves and others.