NF album 'HOPE' track list ranked from worst to best

2019 Lollapalooza - Day 2
2019 Lollapalooza - Day 2 / Tim Mosenfelder/GettyImages
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Listenability: 9.8/10
Content: 8.1/10
Musical Composition: 9/10
Delivery: 10/10
Flow: 9/10

Final Rating: 9.18

"HAPPY" is one of the most powerful deliveries of NF's career, showcasing his storytelling capability all while maintaining the message behind the album and the elements of the healing process that those who have struggled in the past can relate. "HAPPY" has a 10/10 delivery rating due to its ability to maintain relatability in an extremely palatable way, offering an authentic feeling of discomfort one has during the healing process in which happiness feels foreign and uncomfortable. The musical composition offers an orchestral experience all while NF maintains an incredibly catchy, relatable chorus that could exist all on its own.