NF album 'HOPE' track list ranked from worst to best

2019 Lollapalooza - Day 2
2019 Lollapalooza - Day 2 / Tim Mosenfelder/GettyImages
9 of 13


Listenability: 9.1/10
Content: 9.2/10
Musical Composition: 9.1/10
Delivery: 7.2/10
Flow: 8.7/10

Final Rating: 8.66

"PANDEMONIUM" is an incredibly fast-paced hype track that turns on your senses. NF's ability to assert, attract, and maintain specific energy is showcased very well on this track. "PANDEMONIUM" forces a listener to perk up and listen, forcibly asserting an aggressive, polished flow and a memorable delivery. This track is bound to land on go-to gym playlists, lifting one's static mindset and flawlessly shifting it into a dynamic, animated one.