Nicki Minaj Speaks About Her Father's Death And How It Inspired The 'Pink Friday 2' Opening Track

Nicki Minaj Unveils the Heart Behind "Pink Friday 2": A Personal Journey of Loss, Inspiration, and Artistic Collaboration
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Nicki Minaj delves into the poignant inspirations behind her latest album, "Pink Friday 2," sharing personal stories of her father's passing and collaborations with Drake.

In a heartfelt conversation with Ebro Darden on Apple Music, Minaj opens up about the emotional backdrop of the album's first track, "Just The Memories." The rapper recounts a poignant moment when, after the birth of her child and during the uncertainty of the pandemic, she received a call from her late father. This conversation, filled with excitement about his upcoming visit, took a tragic turn when Minaj later learned about her father's fatal accident.

Minaj reflects on the impact of her father, describing him as an amazing person who brought joy to their home. The album's opening lines pay homage to him, expressing the regret that he never got to meet her son, whom she affectionately calls Papa Bear. The track unfolds with vivid descriptions of the waiting, pacing, and the heartbreaking moment when she received the news of her father's passing, capturing the raw emotions of the experience.

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Addressing her collaboration with Drake on the song "Needle," Minaj reveals that while initially intended for Drake's album "For All The Dogs," it ultimately found its place on "Pink Friday 2." She shares the journey of how the collaboration came about, including Drake's announcement to fans during his tour and the sonic considerations that led to its inclusion on her album.

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This candid interview provides fans with a deeper understanding of the personal stories and emotions woven into "Pink Friday 2," making it more than just a collection of tracks. Minaj's vulnerability and honesty shine through as she navigates the complexities of grief, motherhood, and artistic collaboration, adding layers of depth to her latest musical offering. The album emerges as a testament to Minaj's resilience, creative prowess, and the profound impact of life's experiences on her art.

In "Pink Friday 2," listeners not only encounter Nicki Minaj, the global rap sensation, but also witness Onika Maraj, the woman behind the artist, sharing her journey in a way that connects on a profoundly human level.

Watch the full interview below:

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