Nicki Minaj's latest diss track "Big Foot" sparks controversy among fans and critics

The rap sensation takes aim at Megan Thee Stallion, prompting diverse reactions

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Nicki Minaj, renowned for her prowess in rap feuds, has once again ignited a firestorm with her latest diss track. Titled "Big Foot," the song takes direct aim at Megan Thee Stallion, who recently dropped "HISS," a single perceived by many as a subtle jab at Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty.

In "Big Foot," Minaj alleges that Megan fabricated claims about being shot by Tory Lanez, engaged in relations with her late mother's partner, and underwent liposuction. Additionally, she taunts Megan's stature and repeatedly references her deceased mother.

The reception to the track has been decidedly mixed, with fans and critics alike expressing varied sentiments. While some laud Minaj for her assertiveness and lyrical skill, others condemn her for crossing boundaries and displaying disrespect.

Among the detractors is Charlamagne Tha God, host of The Breakfast Club radio show, who voiced disappointment with the song. He particularly denounced Minaj's references to Megan's late mother, considering it a step too far.

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"While rap battles often embrace all's fair, Nicki repeatedly mentioning Megan's deceased mother crosses a line," remarked Charlamagne on Monday (Jan. 29). "It's understandable from a competitive standpoint, but morally, it's questionable."

Charlamagne also critiqued the song's impact, highlighting that Minaj had extensively previewed its lyrics on social media before its official release.

"Megan drops 'HISS,' and for the next 72 hours, Nicki floods social media discussing her," observed Charlamagne. "Many of the lines she hyped were already shared on Twitter."

Supporters of Megan echoed Charlamagne's sentiments, labeling Minaj's actions as petty and immature. They emphasized that Megan never directly mentioned Minaj or her husband in "HISS," portraying Minaj's response as excessive.

Conversely, Minaj's defenders contend that she was justified in defending herself against Megan's perceived slight. They applaud her fearlessness and lyrical prowess, asserting her dominance in the rap arena.

""Nicki did what was necessary, plain and simple. She's the queen of rap and reaffirmed her status," proclaimed one supporter."

The feud between Minaj and Megan traces back to their collaboration on the hit track "Hot Girl Summer" in 2019, marked by subsequent disagreements and social media disengagement.

The trajectory of this feud remains uncertain, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next development in the ongoing saga.