Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2: A Journey Through Fame, Motherhood, and Iconic Collaborations

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In the latest episode of Live With Kelly & Mark, global icon Nicki Minaj graced the stage, bringing her charisma, humor, and insight to the set. Dive into the world of Nicki Minaj as she discusses her new album, "Pink Friday 2," her high school antics, and the exciting collaborations that make this album a standout.

Motherhood and Papa Bear

Nicki opened up about her journey into motherhood, expressing her admiration for Papa Bear and how he has brought new meaning to her life. The interview touched on personal experiences and showcased Nicki's genuine joy in her role as a mom.

"Papa beer is just the most wonderful human to ever exist in my  world and he has I know everybody every.  he's given me a new meaning uh of life "

Nicki Minaj

High School Shenanigans

Delving into Nicki's high school days, she revealed her loud and vibrant personality, earning her the title of the class clown. Nicki shared anecdotes, like insisting her teachers call her Cookie and playfully giving her classmates unique nicknames.

"I was very loud in high school I was the I guess you could call me I guess in like the class clown type of  vibe person. Soon as I went to school I told my teachers to call me cookie and I had the entire every all of my teachers called me Cookie in my drama Department "

Nicki Minaj

The Essence of "Pink Friday 2"

The conversation shifted to Nicki's new album, Pink Friday 2, with a focus on the mesmerizing cover art. Nicki explained the symbolism behind the artwork, representing her various eras and embracing her true self, all while radiating the essence of motherhood.

"The ensemble I'm wearing encapsulates all my phases, serving as a representation of my alter egos throughout different eras while also reflecting my true self and essence. It embodies elements reminiscent of my roots in New York, mirroring the city's vibe. "

Nicki Minaj

"Simultaneously, it features a Harajuku headpiece, a nod to my appreciation for Harajuku culture. The attire, a Vetma creation, is intentionally loose-fitting and entirely concealing, a choice driven by the desire not to reveal any skin, perhaps influenced by my role as a mom. Surprisingly, the baggy outfit brought me an unexpected sense of happiness, underscoring the emotional connection I find in my fashion choices."

Nicki Minaj

Childhood Dreams and Success

Reflecting on her childhood dreams, Nicki candidly shared her early prayers for success, driven by a desire to help her family. She recalled promising to give back once successful, a commitment that shaped her journey and perspective.

"I didn't know that one day I would become the queen of Rap, but I was confident that I would achieve success and build something significant—an empire. Early on in my life, I had a strong intuition that there was something greater awaiting me. "

Nicki Minaj

"My prayers were centered around the hope that something positive would happen, not just for myself but to benefit my family. It's amusing to reflect on my childhood, realizing that I was a kid earnestly telling God that I wanted money to buy my mother a house. "

Nicki Minaj

"This desire stayed with me, and as I grew older, I made a promise to God, acknowledging the delay in my success. I pledged that if I achieved success, I would use it to help others. This commitment has shaped my journey."

Nicki Minaj

The Pink Friday 2 Tour

Excitement filled the air as Nicki announced her upcoming tour, The Pink Friday 2 Tour. The international superstar teased the spectacular performances and encouraged fans to secure their tickets for an unforgettable experience.

"The Pink Friday 2 tour is set to kick off in the US in March—oh my gosh, it's very exciting! It's going to be a truly spectacular tour, and I'm not even being funny about it. We're covering a lot of ground, heading to various places that we haven't announced yet, so guys, no need to have a meltdown. While we haven't listed all the cities yet, I've already posted some of them, so stay tuned for more updates."

Nicki Ninaj

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Memorable Collaborations

Nicki touched on her collaborations in the new album, expressing gratitude for artists like Drake, Lil Uzi, J Cole, Tasha Cobbs, and Lil Wayne. She praised each collaborator for bringing their unique flair to the project.

"I can't specify because I genuinely love working with everyone on here. Of course, there's Drake – collaborating with him is always a nostalgic experience. Little Uzi consistently delivers with a dope song, and J. Cole, his thought-provoking verse on this album stands out. Everyone, from Tasha Cobbs to Little Wayne, who actually signs me, brings something unique to this album, and I genuinely enjoy working with each of them."

Nicki Minaj

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The Anaconda rapper, made history by storming to the coveted number-one spot on the Billboard 200, amassing a staggering 228,000 equivalent album units. Not only does this signify Minaj's third coronation at the top in the US. In addition to this tremendous achievement, 14 tracks of “Pink Friday 2” debuted on Billboard Hot 100.

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