NLE Choppa Reacts to Blueface's Diss on Jaidyn Alexis' 'Barbie' Remix, Proposes a Physical Showdown: "Let's Box"

Blueface and NLE Choppa Spark Feud with Online Spat and Boxing Challenge
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In a recent exchange of verbal jabs within the rap world, Blueface fired shots at fellow artist NLE Choppa on Jaidyn Alexis’ “Barbie (Remix),” prompting a swift response from the Memphis native. The online feud quickly escalated from lyrical disses to a potential physical showdown, leaving fans intrigued by the unfolding drama.

Taking to social media to address his inclusion in Blueface's lyrics, NLE Choppa initially posted a now-deleted message, stating:

"“I hit you personally to stop speaking on me. I thought s**t was understood. Bet that.” Blueface retaliated on Twitter, dismissing concerns and challenging Choppa, “I’m not worried about a Muslim vegan [Crip], on [School Yard Crip]. Bet that, small fry. Squabble up or shut up.”"

NLE Choppa

Undeterred, Choppa seized the opportunity to propose a solution beyond social media squabbles. On January 4, he tweeted:

"“Let’s box, [Blueface]. Who can set up [a] celebrity boxing match in Vegas [with] me and him? Hit me ASAP. He [is] undefeated vs. women. [I don’t] respect a n**ga that put his hands on ‘em anyway.”"

NLE Choppa

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This public exchange sheds light on the broader context of Blueface's controversies, notably his alleged domestic incidents involving Jaidyn Alexis and former girlfriend Chrisean Rock. Rock had previously accused the Los Angeles rapper of physically assaulting her while she held his son.

The animosity between Choppa and Blueface has been brewing for about a month, originating from claims made during an Instagram Live session. The mother of Choppa's child alleged that Blueface had made inappropriate advances towards her, stating, “He pulled me to the side. He asked me what my name was. I told him, ‘I’m not interested. I know your baby moms.’”

Notably, Blueface didn't limit his lyrical shots to NLE Choppa in the "Barbie (Remix)." He revisited several of his viral feuds from 2023, including clashes with Offset, Cardi B, Soulja Boy, and others. The rap lyrics included references to personal matters and disputes within the industry, showcasing Blueface's unfiltered approach to addressing his rivals.

As tensions escalate and spill over from the virtual realm to the real world, fans eagerly await the outcome of NLE Choppa's proposed celebrity boxing match. The unfolding drama adds a layer of unpredictability to the ongoing narrative within the rap community, where feuds and confrontations are not uncommon.