Offset  Addresses Online Trolls Who involve Takeoff In The Controversy Surrounding Cardi B's Breakup.

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Offset, one of the members of the rap group Migos, has been facing a lot of criticism and hate from some fans and internet users who have been mocking him for his marital problems with Cardi B, his estranged wife and the mother of his daughter Kulture.

Offset has cautioned fans to be mindful of their comments as they comment on his and Cardi B's tumultuous breakup. Last week, the 'WAP" rapper confirmed the long-speculated end of her six-year marriage.

"I’ve been single for a minute now, I want to start 2024 fresh, open. I’m curious for a new life, for a new beginning. And yeah, I’m excited! New look, new life, new everything… I’ve been going so hard for 2024 to go directly as I want it to,” continued the mother of two."

Cardi B

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The BONGO rapper however stated that since the death of Takeoff on November 1 2022 she is done everything to make the Set it off rapper happy.

"Our hearts have been so heavy… I have been feeling so hopeless trying to make my husband happy, trying to make him crack a smile,"


Even as Offset, celebrated his 32nd birthday this week, on Saturday (Dec. 16), he paused to address Twitter critics whose insults crossed a line.

At first Offset tweeted: 

The former Migos rapper returned to offer clarification after realizing that some fans had misunderstood his tweet.

"Correction: Fans using Takeoff’s name in the middle of all this isn’t cool. I’m still grieving my brother and would like for his name to not be brought up."


Quavo also weighs in on the brouhaha and seems compare their controversy to a soap opera.

"nephew ain’t wit the soap opera. LONG LIVE Rocket 🚀 🙏🏾 pray for y’all tho. ♾️♾️♾️♾️♾️♾️♾️♾️♾️♾️♾️"


Last week, the tension between Offset and his wife escalated as Blueface accused him of sleeping with Chrisean Rock in November—a claim the Migos rapper promptly refuted. Following this, Cardi B expressed skepticism about the allegations but interpreted the drama as a cosmic signal prompting her to move on.

Cardi B took to Instagram Live, expressing her grievances further and accusing Offset of treating her poorly while not acknowledging her assistance.

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The future of Cardi B and Offset remains uncertain – will they chart a course as friends, co-parents, or cut ties completely? Fans, once hopeful for the couple's resilience, now find themselves shocked and saddened, mourning the end of a favorite union.


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