Omeretta name-drops Boosie, Lil Baby in 'Put it on da floor' (Retta-Mix)

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They talkin’ ‘bout Baby making disses.
Guess he pickin’ his side.
But this Atlanta business
Somebody tell Boosie be quiet.

Omeretta snatches the audience’s attention in the first 30 seconds of “Put it on da floor” - a Retta Mix - as she addresses the fallout that surrounds Gunna’s plea deal. The Atlanta native has never slinked away from a provocative perspective. It’s made clear as her words cut through the beat produced by Go Grizzly, Squat Beats and Ben Hogarth. Since the track’s release, social media has been swarmed with think-pieces, dissecting her lyrics and have settled between two perceivable ideas:

  • Omeretta was out of line for addressing some of the industry’s more popular men, or
  • The Atlanta rapper is not the first to name names and will not be the last.

However one may feel about the name-drops, Omeretta’s skill is undeniable. Her rich Southern accent and an unapologetic flow that takes aim at whomever consciously adds to the 25-year old’s blossoming, cocky brand. 

With bold statements come loud responses as both Boosie and his son, Tootie Raww, have replied to the “Retta Mix”.

Boosie used Twitter to get his point across.

Tootie Raww hopped in the comments section and recorded a livestream, where he replied “Shut up” to Omeretta’s lyrics that were directed at his father. He and a few of his associates, who are off-camera, continue to go back-and-forth about the “Sorry Not Sorry” performer. 

Omeretta struck a nerve with this song. Whether it is against her or for her, the conversation still surrounds the ever-emerging star. 

From this viewpoint, she understood the assignment.

Listen to the track below and let us know what you think about the "Retta Mix".

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