Playboi Carti features Biggie in 'Smack DVD'-inspired video

Playboi Carti's Latest Visual Ode: Merging Biggie Beats and Smack DVD Vibes
Playboi Cardi Listening Party
Playboi Cardi Listening Party / Prince Williams/GettyImages

Playboi Carti takes a nostalgic turn in his latest video, featuring Biggie Smalls' beats and embracing the aesthetic of the early 2000s Smack DVD series. Released on Instagram, the clip showcases Carti, adopting the persona "Baby Boi," donning a red du-rag and displaying his accessories in a car reminiscent of the Smack style.

The nighttime shoot's minimal lighting, imitating the original Smack DVDs, focuses on Carti's charisma. The lower-third logo, with 'King Smack,' pays homage to Smack's branding, although the website is non-existent. Alongside his friend SexIsDeath, Carti energetically addresses the camera, capturing the essence of up-and-coming artists featured in the classic Smack DVDs.

"“Get my belt b***h. What! What!” he yells. “Yeah, pretty boy s**t. I ain’t even got no haircut. What’s happening! And I’m here with my girl SexIsDeath, man. You know what time it is! Future millionaires!”"

Playboi Carti

Coincidentally, the video drops shortly after footage surfaced of Carti's speeding arrest in 2022, where he was caught driving over 130 MPH. Captured by YouTube channel Raq Rarest, bodycam footage exposes Playboi Carti being stopped by the police for speeding on September 21, 2022. The officer directs Carti to switch off the car and extend his hands out of the window. When asked about the high speed, Carti attributes it to a family emergency.

Despite Carti's explanation, the officer remains skeptical, pointing out the alarming speed violation. The rapper is eventually ordered out of his Jeep and arrested. This revelation follows another arrest three months later, when Carti faced charges of choking his pregnant girlfriend.

Playboi Carti's latest video not only showcases his artistic versatility but also coincides with the unveiling of a turbulent incident from his past, offering fans a glimpse into the rapper's multifaceted life.

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