Post Malone set to release new album 'Austin' in July

Rock in Rio 2022 - Day 2
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Presumably winding down after a long day of performing in Europe while on tour, Post Malone dropped a warm, heartfelt video addressing his TikTok following last night. Post Malone revealed he will be releasing a new album this summer titled Austin. With a very busy next couple of days, having shows on both May 16 & 17 in Manchester, we all appreciate his taking the time to connect with his fans. But what has Austin got in store for us?

Post Malone album Austin is set to release on July 28 of 2023

We're beyond excited to hear Postie has had some new, fresh tracks in the works. So what are some of the details he shared about the album in his TikTok video?

Post Malone will be playing guitar on every track!

An outspoken fan of Guitar Hero, Post has played guitar in the past. Some may not even know that at one point he auditioned to play guitar in the American band Crown The Empire, unfortunately falling short due to his strings breaking during the audition. This didn't stop Post from putting in some work as in the TikTok video he proclaims he will be playing guitar on every track in the album!

The song "Chemical" is from Austin

On April 14 of this year the song titled "Chemical" came at us with the popular pop-rock sound he is so famous for blending into his music. In the video, he explains that "Chemical" is actually from the upcoming album, setting an incredibly exciting tone for what is to come with the full release. "Chemical" hit 13 on US Billboard Hot 100 and we think this fine blending of Posties' rock origins with modern Hip Hop rhythm is what not only facilitates his discernable sound but also allows a very broad direction for his music.

Song titled "Mourning" is set to release on May 19

Another exciting revelation made in the video is that another track from the upcoming album is set to release this week, May 19, 2023. We're painfully lying in wait now as we anticipate him possibly adding some incredible variety to this album. His song names in the past are sometimes titled in such a way that surprised fans with their seemingly opposing messages about the song titles - think "Lemon Tree". Will "Mourning" be what the title suggests, a melancholic song about grief and death? Or will he surprise us all with his talented songwriting skills and turn it into a catchy never-ending hook that leaves us bubbling with glee? We'll have to wait and see!

Post Malone recently shot a music video in Scotland

"We just shot a music video in Scotland. It's absolutely stunning up there. And there's a big a** ice cube in it, which I thought was pretty bada**."

Post Malone, TikTok 05/16/2023

In the video, Post talks about a music video he recently shot in Scotland. Could this potentially be to follow up "Mourning" with a visual iteration of the track? Or will he wait for the album release in July? Again, we'll have to wait and see!

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