Pusha-T reveals why artists still collaborate with Kanye West

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The “T” in Pusha-T stands for Terrence (among other things), but these days, it might as well also mean “tennis.” The rapper has been spending a lot of time thinking about the game lately, drawing parallels between tennis and his life as an artist. In a recent interview, Pusha-T shared insights into his love for tennis, his upcoming music, and why artists still choose to collaborate with Kanye West.

Tennis and aspiration

Pusha-T’s fascination with tennis began during his childhood when he played tennis video games. Those early gaming experiences led him to watch real tennis matches, where he fell in love with the personality of John McEnroe. McEnroe’s obnoxious behavior on the court intrigued Pusha-T, and he started paying attention to tennis style cues—the classic silhouettes of sneakers like Stan Smith and the vibrant colorways associated with players like Andre Agassi.

For Pusha-T, tennis became more than just a sport; it symbolized aspiration, affluence, and a certain taste level. He saw parallels between tennis and hip-hop culture, both representing goal-driven excellence. As he connected the dots, tennis became a source of inspiration for him.

New music on the horizon

It’s been two years since Pusha-T’s last album, It’s Almost Dry, but fans can rejoice because new music is on the way. In his interview, Pusha-T confirmed that there will “100%” be fresh tracks either from him or The Clipse in 2024. The Clipse, the duo consisting of Pusha-T and his brother No Malice, has been making waves, and their presence extends beyond the music scene.

Collaborating with Kanye West

Why do artists still choose to work with Kanye West? Pusha-T sheds light on this question. According to him, there’s a level of visibility that comes with being next to someone like Ye. But it’s not just visibility—it’s also about musicality and genius-level production. Kanye’s influence extends far beyond his own work; artists benefit from being associated with his creative prowess.

In Pusha-T’s words, “At the end of the day, it’s a level of musicality and genius-level production that comes along with being next to him. So you get a lot of things that I think artists are looking for these days in being next to him.” Collaborating with Kanye means tapping into a world of artistic possibilities and reaching a wider audience.

As Pusha-T continues to explore tennis, music, and fashion, fans eagerly await his upcoming releases. Whether he’s serving up rhymes or acing the game, Pusha-T remains a force to be reckoned with. And as for working with Ye, it’s a strategic move that pays off in more ways than one.