Ranking every 2023 XXL Freshman Cypher

2023 Broccoli City Festival
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Real Boston Richey
Real Boston Richey / Paras Griffin/GettyImages

10. Fridayy

Fridayy's cypher fell flat. He was off-beat pretty much the entire time and delivered one of the shortest verses of the four Freshmen that performed in the same cypher with him. A good beat from Pi'erre Bourne was largely put to waste with Fridayy's verse.

9. 2Rare

The cypher and freestyle were two videos to forget for 2Rare. After he delivered a cringy freestyle, 2Rare didn't do much better on his cypher. If there was one good thing about 2Rare's cypher, though, it was his dancing. You could argue that 2Rare's dancing was better than his rapping.

At least he looked like he was having a lot of fun during his cypher.

8. Lola Brooke

Lola Brooke fans were excited to hear what she had to say during her cypher after delivering a solid freestyle. She was introspective and well-thought-out during his Freshman Freestyle.

But Lola couldn't seem to find the beat on her cypher. Pi'erre's production was seemingly too slow for her fast-tempo rapping style, which ruined the vibe for her part of the cypher.

7. Real Boston Richey

Real Boston Richey was another one of the most highly-anticipated cyphers among the 2023 Freshman. Unfortunately, he was another that couldn't seem to find the beat during his cypher. He had issues keeping the vibe going after a solid start from Finesse2Tymes. He also had one of the worst bars of any Freshman in the two cyphers.

"I told you I was gon' get you back, that's a triple-double
Always been a freaky jit, tryna f**k my cousin under the cover"

Real Boston Richey