Ranking every 2023 XXL Freshman Cypher

2023 Broccoli City Festival
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Luh Tyler
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6. Rob49

Rob49 improved on his spotty Freshman Freestyle performance with a better showing in his part of the first cypher. An airy Pi'erre beat proved to be something Rob can handle as he set the tone with a steadfast and consistent flow.

"Man, they gotta try something else, that hatin' sh*t ain't working, huh
Ghost came with the curtains, bad hoes see me and get nervous, n***a
I know what it take, you won't boss up from the worker, n***a
I know what it take to make that track jump like a hurdle, n***a
You ain't on that ground no more, you ain't goin' ham no more"


While some of Rob's verses were a little bit too long and drawn out, his flow and delivery were able to make up for it. It was also impressive to see Rob string together so many bars without incorporating a rhyme scheme, assuming he did that purposefully.

5. Luh Tyler

,The youngest of the artists in the 2023 XXL Freshman Class, Luh Tyler, came through with a solid but not spectacular performance in the second cypher. Luh Tyler's higher pitch and slower/smoother delivery was a change of pace compared to the other artists on the second cypher on this light and airy Pi'erre beat.

"I wake up every day and chase that paint, that's something you should do
I done took a lot of ni***s' b*tches, that's why they don't like me
Pull up to the jeweler, drop that bag and tell that n***a, "Ice me"
I been runnin' through these racks, I swear this sh*t get pricey"

Luh Tyler

This verse on Luh Tyler's cypher conveys his unphased confidence, directly showing his successes to his haters.

4. SleazyWorld Go

SleazyWorld Go proved during his cypher that he is one of the most gifted storytellers among the on-the-rise trap artists in rap today. He destroyed his verse with a steadfast and melodic flow that cut straight to the point.

"Went from totin' Glocks to tops, lightin' up sh*t up like they did
They like, "All you rap 'bout killin'", I'm like, "Sh*t, that's how I live"
Ain't no standard clips in these, these got extensions like they wigs
RIP to all the rappers that have lost they life to guns
F*ck all that, puttin' them guns down, I wanna survive to get you one"

SleazyWorld Go

Sleazy's wordplay and rhythm were impressive in his verse in the second cypher. It was also cool to see him give nods to so many other up-and-coming rappers during his cypher, including Lola Brooke, Ice Spice, and PGF Nuk, among others.