Ranking the best of Yeat's discography

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4. Alive

The earliest project on this list for Yeat's discography is the 2021 mixtape Alive. Not only was this 22-track mixtape the most popular that Yeat had released at the time in April 2021, but it also served as a turning point for the Oregon rapper stylistically.

Yeat took a left turn to float over more rage beats, including more booming bass and crazy synthesizer loops in the production.

The vibe change on Alive compared to some of Yeat's earlier projects, such as Hold On and I'm So Me, is evident from the first big bass drop in the opening track "Always Alive". The unique flow that Yeat brings to the table adds a notably remarkable element to Alive that makes it stand out at a time when the rap genre can feel pretty saturated due to the streaming age.

What hampers the potential of this tape is the redundancy of Yeat's flow and the lack of creativity in the beat choices on the second half of the tracklist. The energy starts to die off around the middle of the tracklist. While there are some highlights in the second half of the tape, such as the hard-hitting "WAR 1" and the more laid-back "Twizzy", the last 10 or 12 tracks don't feel like they add any value to the project.

Alive would probably be a more enjoyable and impactful experience if it were trimmed down to only include the dozen or so best songs off the tracklist.

Nonetheless, Alive is still a staple in Yeat's discography, serving as a creative turning point for the rage-rapper that helped to eventually boost him into the mainstream later in 2021.