Ranking the best of Yeat's discography

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3. 4L

The second mixtape that Yeat dropped in 2021 came just a couple of months after Alive. Yeat released the 20-song tape 4L in June 2021, which only helped to build on the success and hype he started to accumulate when he dropped Alivë two months earlier.

4L is such a remarkable tape in Yeat's discography because it builds on a lot of the more successful aspects that he experimented with on Alive. Yeat is still able to skate over rage-style beats with his unique flow, distinctive ad-libs, and autotune that feels like a blend of Playboi Carti and a drugged-out T-Pain, though the production feels more experimental and the bars and song structures feel more inspired throughout the entire tracklist.

You never get the feeling that Yeat lets the energy dip for more than a couple of songs consecutively throughout the tracklist, which is an impressive feat given that this project is still nearly an hour long consisting of 20 tracks.

What makes this project really stick with you, though, is the startling combination of trap and rage-infused bangers that feature so many out-of-the-ordinary bars and ad-libs.

"Yeah, she pull up, I'm breakin' her backy
These kids, they goofy, they wacky (Wack)
I'm not a kid, I'm a man like Pacqui (Yeah)"

Yeat / "Sorry Bout That"

Last but not least, Yeat experimenting with even more "out of left field" trap-inspired production is fantastic on 4L. The beats on so many of these songs, such as "Off Tha Lot" and "Money Twerk", feel much more disorienting and spacy than anything he released prior.