Rapper Quavo opens V12 restaurant and sports bar inside an Atlanta gas station

A unique nightlife experience at the intersection of hip-hop and gasoline
V12 Restaurant & Sports Bar Grand Opening Celebration
V12 Restaurant & Sports Bar Grand Opening Celebration / Paras Griffin/GettyImages

The city known for its vibrant music scene, flashy cars, and bustling nightlife has just added another intriguing venue to its repertoire. Migos rapper Quavo has teamed up with local restaurateurs Kelan and Vinny Watson to create a one-of-a-kind hotspot: the V12 Restaurant And Sports Bar. What makes this establishment truly remarkable? It’s built inside a BP gas station, right across the street from Georgia Tech University.

The unconventional setting

Neon lights, shiny metal accents, and European furniture from the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy—all within the confines of a gas station. The 7,500 square foot V12 Restaurant And Sports Bar is nestled inside a BP station, and it’s turning heads.

VIP treatment

The club boasts two VIP rooms: “The Kelan” and “The Vinny.” These exclusive spaces offer a taste of luxury, where patrons can unwind, sip on their favorite drinks, and soak in the electric atmosphere. But that’s not all—the main attraction is a retractable roof that allows guests to enjoy the Atlanta sky while grooving to the beats.

Quavo’s Neon dream

Remember Quavo’s performance on The Tonight Show? Well, he brought a piece of that magic to V12. The club features a faux Lamborghini made entirely out of neon tubes—a nod to his musical prowess and love for flashy rides. Social media videos reveal a packed house, with people even using gas pumps as makeshift parking spaces. It seems the club’s popularity might overshadow its original purpose as a gas station!

As an entertainment news writer, I’m intrigued. How long will this unconventional fusion of hip-hop and gasoline last? Only time will tell. But for now, if you find yourself in Atlanta, make sure to swing by V12 Restaurant And Sports Bar. It’s one of those random experiences you won’t want to miss—before it becomes a legendary footnote in Atlanta’s nightlife history.