Snoop Dogg mourns the loss of his beloved brother, Bing Worthington, at 44

A heartfelt tribute to the hip-hop community's unsung hero

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The hip-hop world is reeling from the devastating news of the passing of Bing Worthington, the younger brother of iconic rapper and entertainer Snoop Dogg. Bing, who tragically left us at the tender age of 44, was more than just a sibling; he was an unsung hero behind the scenes, shaping the very fabric of Snoop's legendary career.

Snoop, posted a photo on his Instagram featuring his deceased younger brother. The caption, accompanied by sad, peace, and tribute emojis, included the handle "@badabing33." Later, he made mention of his brother's passing in the caption of a video showcasing moments with his siblings, including their older brother Jerry Wesley Carter and others.

Snoop shared several updates on his Instagram. In one post, he conveyed, "@badabing33 always brought us joy," while in another, he mentioned, "u bac with moms," paying tribute to their late mother, Beverly Tate, who passed away at 70 in October 2021. Worthington collaborated with his elder brother on various business ventures throughout their careers.

The man behind the curtain

While Snoop Dogg's name has graced countless headlines, Bing Worthington operated in the shadows, quietly weaving his magic. As a music executive, Bing played a pivotal role in several high-profile projects launched under the rapper's brand. His fingerprints are all over the hip-hop landscape, from the studio to the stage.

From road guy to record label maven

Bing's journey began as "the road guy," hustling alongside Snoop's entourage. But he didn't stop there. With unwavering determination, he climbed the ladder, eventually becoming Snoop's tour manager. His ascent didn't halt; it soared. Bing Worthington emerged as the executive producer at Dogg Records, the record label affectionately named after his brother.

A legacy of collaboration

Bing's creative spirit knew no bounds. He collaborated with Snoop on various ventures, leaving an indelible mark on the West Coast music scene.

Snoop Dogg Board Company: In the mid-2000s, Bing played a pivotal role in launching this skateboard deck-maker, fusing street culture with Snoop's signature style.

Snoop Doggs: Ever wondered about the story behind those footlong hot dogs? Bing merged a record label from Snoop's business empire with Quebec-based Urban Heat Legends, creating **Dogg Records. Their mission? To bridge West Coast artists with their counterparts up North.

Bigg Snoop Dogg: Raw 'N Uncut Vol. 1: Bing executive-produced this birthday party documentary, giving fans an intimate glimpse into Snoop's world.

Tha Jump Off: Bing's writing prowess extended to music. He penned the song performed by Lifestyle, featured on the soundtrack of the 2006 film "Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj."

A heart heavy with loss

Bing's recent family tragedy weighed heavily on him. Following the passing of their mother, Beverly Tate, in 2021, he grappled with grief. "He took it very hard. He was very close to her," shared Miguel Lopez, chief of Urban Heat Legends.

A legacy lives on

Despite the pain, Bing's legacy endures. His dream of launching a Latino division at **Dogg Records** remains alive. Lopez, determined to honor Bing's vision, plans to carry the label forward.

As the hip-hop community mourns, we remember Bing Worthington not only as Snoop's brother but as the unsung hero who orchestrated the rhythm behind the beats. Rest in power, Bing.