Rating 'College Park' album by Logic track list from worst to best

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Welcome to our detailed breakdown of Logic's studio album, College Park! This insightful review promises to deliver a comprehensive rating of Logic's track list for the album, dissecting the elements a listener is paying attention to when experiencing a new song. Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer to Logic's music, this in-depth analysis and review of College Park is a must-read for avid partakers of Hip Hop as a whole.

Rhyme Junkie Rating: College Park by Logic

For the sake of this article, let's briefly discuss how the track list is rated.

Each and every track is carefully dissected and given its own numerical rating in the following categories:


Think of this category as a "general rating". It refers to whether or not the song attracts interest throughout the entire track.


The content category refers to the lyrics of the given track. It's determined by the artist's lyrical competence.

Musical Composition

This is a fancy way of saying beat, instrumental, or backing track. It refers to the part of the track that doesn't include lyrics or ad-libs.


Delivery encompasses a couple of things, but for the sake of Rhyme Junkie Ratings, it will refer mostly to the artist's ability to evoke the emotion they're attempting to explore from the listener.


Last, but certainly not least, is flow. Flow refers to the artist's ability to match the lyrics to the rhythm of the musical composition.

After each category receives a numerical rating between 1-10, the five scores are averaged, producing the track's final rating, starting from the lowest end and ending with the highest-scored track. After each track is rated the review will conclude with an overall rating of the entire album based on the scores for each track.

Without further ado, here is a complete rating and review of College Park by Logic, starting with the lowest-scored track! 

17. "Come on Down" by Logic rating

Listenability: 7/10
Content: 7.3/10
Musical Composition: 7.8/10
Delivery: 7.7/10
Flow: 7.6/10

Final Rating: 7.48

"Come on Down" by Logic features Jordan Harris and Lucy Rose, and takes us on a light, bass-hitting trip into some of his motivations, sampling The Montclairs' "Dreaming's Out of Season" concluding with a brief message by Lil Keke. He goes on to touch on some of the pressures he felt at one point to trap and explore gang life. Lil Keke enters at the conclusion of the track with a powerful message:

"Most folks think gangsters like what they do
Think they enjoy killin' their own brothers and sisters
By riddlin' our streets with bullet shells and narcotics
Most people think that shit cool, think again
Why you think they call it the trap, playboy?
We just tryna escape by any means
But we mostly end up escapin' through death"

Lil Keke