Rating 'College Park' album by Logic track list from worst to best

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1. "Lightyear" by Logic rating

Listenability: 9.1/10
Content: 9/10
Musical Composition: 9.1/10
Delivery: 9.5/10
Flow: 8.8/10

Final Rating: 9.10

Serving as the concluding track on College Park, "Lightyear" makes it to the top of this list for many reasons. First of all, the composition is "true north" for what this album expresses, both summarizing and introducing what Logic seemed like he was trying to reach for with this album. "Lightyear" blends complex samples from "You and Me" by Ping Pong and "The Thorn" by Willie Jones III, blending them together in an explosive soulful, rock, pop, jazz, and blues fusion that could exist by itself but is delivered with an almost prolific lyrical performance by Logic. Serving as the longest track on the album, the track also ends with a unique performance by Logic stripping down all the extras that existed in the composition and is heard singing on top of an acoustic riff. This track exemplifies what artists with a hunger for creativity coupled with freedom of expression are capable of producing.