Rating 'Road to CASABLANCO' album by Armani White track list from worst to best

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5. BIG BET by Armani White rating

Listenability: 7.9/10
Content: 7.2/10
Musical Composition: 8.2/10
Delivery: 8/10
Flow: 8.8/10

Final Rating: 8.0

Featuring Brooklyn drill rapper Fivio Foreign, "BIG BET" is another track that was primarily led by its feature. The Chorus, performed by Armani, is valuable and lends a seamless transition in its composition from the song's elemental patterns. The musical composition on this track starts to stand out as something worth going out of your way for a listen but is stopped short as soon as it grabs your attention, the track only being just shy of two and a half minutes in length. This track leaves you wanting more, which is definitely a good thing.