Rating 'Road to CASABLANCO' album by Armani White track list from worst to best

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3. BILLIE EILISH by Armani White rating

Listenability: 9/10
Content: 8/10
Musical Composition: 8.7/10
Delivery: 8.2/10
Flow: 9/10

Final Rating: 8.5

Serving as the most notorious track on the album, "BILLIE EILISH" samples N.O.R.E.'s infamous track "Nothin", immediately grabbing your attention and paving the experience for the rest of the track, rooted in nostalgic party vibes that made this genre of music popular in the early 2010s. This track, from top to bottom, is quite actually a standout track. Featuring playful, easily digestible flow patterns and lyrics, "BILLIE EILISH" was an incredibly fine-tuned listen from start to finish.