Rating 'Road to CASABLANCO' album by Armani White track list from worst to best

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2. GOATED by Armani White rating

Listenability: 9.8/10
Content: 8/10
Musical Composition: 8.9/10
Delivery: 8.8/10
Flow: 8.5/10

Final Rating: 8.8

Serving as possibly the strongest collaboration on this album, "GOATED" features Denzel Curry and together they blend fantastically, enveloping a very memorable flow pattern, a very catchy beat, and strong lyrical acuity, delivering an authentic Hip Hop experience from top to bottom. It should be noted that Armani also seems to have really dialed into his lyrical ability in this one, offering up a diverse vocabulary and very culture-driven concepts. This track is a memorable one and should be on your go-to hype playlist.