Resurrecting legends: The dynamic renaissance of death row records under Harry-O and Snoop Dogg's command

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Michael 'Harry-O' Harris and Snoop Dogg are elevating Death Row Records to unprecedented levels! Harris, the co-owner of Death Row Records, refuted Suge Knight's accusations that Snoop Dogg deceitfully took control of the label. Harris commended Eminem and acknowledged him as one of his top five personal favorite emcees.

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Suge Knight has raised doubts about the validity of losing his ownership of Death Row Records following Snoop Dogg's acquisition. However, the label's co-owner, Michael "Harry-O" Harris, vehemently disputes this claim, asserting that Snoop's purchase of the label is entirely legitimate.

Although he acknowledges reservations about engaging in discussions regarding Suge, Harris dismisses the incarcerated ex-mogul's assertions as mere hot air. The duo is resolutely propelling Death Row Records into the next millennium, undeterred by the controversy surrounding its ownership transition.

He highlighted Eminem's significant impact on hip-hop, nurturing respected groups like D12 and Slaughterhouse, along with influencing contemporary artists such as Griselda. Harris emphasized that determining the top emcees is based on the ability to fill arenas and sell millions of albums rather than personal preferences.

Although Harry-O played a role in the inception of Death Row, a feud between him and Suge escalated, leading to each man taking charge during the other's imprisonment. Pardoned on Donald Trump's final day as President, Harris swiftly collaborated with Snoop, re-releasing the label's catalog on streaming platforms and dismissing Suge's claims.

According to Harris, the most outspoken person in the room isn't always the correct one. Now at the helm with Snoop, Harry-O declares that Death Row is returning to its regular programming, encompassing movies, reggaeton, Afrobeats, and more, as they aim to conquer the entire doggy caboodle!

To sum up, Michael 'Harry-O' Harris and Snoop Dogg are propelling Death Row Records to new heights, dismissing Suge Knight's allegations and lauding Eminem's influence. They now control the label and are resuming their regular activities, spanning movies, reggaeton, Afrobeats, and beyond, with plans to dominate the entire realm of Death Row Records!