Rick Ross: The wild card in the Drake-Kendrick-Cole beef?

Of all the beef involved in the Drake-Kendrick-Cole beef, Rick Ross might be the biggest menace. The epic rap battle that has hip-hop fans on the edge of their seats
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The hip-hop world is ablaze with fiery disses, lyrical jabs, and celebrity feuds. But amidst the chaos, one name stands out: Rick Ross. The larger-than-life rapper, known for his booming voice and unapologetic swagger, has become the central figure in the ongoing Drake-Kendrick Lamar-Cole beef. And let me tell you, this isn’t your average rap feud—it’s an all-out war.

The Origins: A Tale of Shots Fired

Last year, when Drake dropped his eighth studio album, For All the Dogs, he playfully referenced Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole as part of the “Big Three.” J. Cole reciprocated the love, but Kendrick wasn’t having it.

Fast-forward to March 22, when Future and Metro Boomin released their collaborative album, We Don’t Trust You. Kendrick’s verse on the breakout single, “Like That,” left no room for ambiguity:

"Motherf**k the Big Three, N****, it’s just Big Me. Shots fired, and the rap world took notice."

Rick Ross enters the fray

But where does Rick Ross fit into all this? Well, he didn’t waste any time. His diss track, “Champagne Moments,” dropped on April 15, and it was a scorcher. Ross accused Drake of getting a nose job and a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), calling him a “white boy” in the process. The internet exploded with memes, and fans couldn’t get enough of the drama.

The memes and meme wars

Speaking of memes, Ross and Drake have engaged in an all-out meme war. Ross repeatedly refers to Drake as “white boy,” highlighting his mixed-race background. It’s a low blow, but in the rap game, no holds are barred. Meanwhile, Kendrick Lamar’s disdain for Drake dates back to 2012 when he opened for Drake on tour and made a guest appearance on Take Care—the tension has been simmering for years.

The Brazilian butt lift saga

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: Drake’s alleged BBL. Ross claims that Drake’s newfound curves are courtesy of the popular cosmetic procedure. Whether it’s true or not, it’s become a running joke in the hip-hop community. Drake, ever the wordsmith, responded with a screenshot of texts with his mother, joking about the nose job allegations and accusing Ross of being “angry and racist” due to a diabetes drug making him “loopy” (yes, you read that right).

As the beef rages on, one thing is clear: Rick Ross has emerged as the biggest menace. His calculated disses, audacious claims, and unapologetic swagger have elevated him to the top of the rap battle food chain. Whether you’re Team Drake, Team Kendrick, or just here for the memes, keep an eye on Rick Ross—he’s rewriting the rules of rap warfare.