Sexyy Redd reflects on concealing pregnancy during tour with Drake: 'It was painful'

The emotional toll of hiding pregnancy on tour

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Sexyy Redd opened up about the challenges of hiding her pregnancy while on tour with Drake.
Redd went on to describe the physical and emotional toll of hiding her pregnancy.

Sexyy Redd expresses fear and reluctance to disclose her pregnancy. The fear stems from concerns about potential changes in how others might perceive and treat her. She was worried about being treated differently or facing doubts about her ability to perform. Balancing the demands of a touring schedule becomes challenging due to the additional strain caused by morning sickness and fatigue associated with pregnancy.

"I was scared to tell anyone I was pregnant. I didn’t want to be treated differently or have people think I couldn’t do my job because I was pregnant.It was hard to keep up with the demands of touring while also dealing with morning sickness and fatigue.But the hardest part was feeling like I had to keep this huge secret from everyone. It hurt."

The rapper known for "Pound Town" graces the cover of Billboard and participated in a video interview released on Tuesday (January 9) as part of the magazine's rollout. During the conversation about her pregnancy, Red revealed that concealing her baby bump during performances was painful as she had to hold her stomach in.

"I was pregnant on the Drake tour and the Moneybagg [Yo] tour but nobody knew. People started suspecting it on the Drake tour because there was videos and pictures of me coming out. That’s the only reason I was hiding it because I just wanted me and my family and friends to know"

Despite the challenges, Redd persevered and continued to tour with Drake until the end.

"I didn’t want to let anyone down. I wanted to prove that I could still do my job and be a mother at the same time."

Redd’s story sheds light on the challenges that many women face when trying to balance their careers and motherhood. It is a reminder that we need to support and uplift women in all aspects of their lives.

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