Snoop Dogg faces backlash for allegedly smoking weed around his grandchildren

A controversial cloud of smoke
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Snoop Dogg, the West Coast rap legend and renowned weed enthusiast, has found himself in the hot seat after a recent Instagram video sparked outrage. In the clip, Snoop is seen in a recording studio, puffing on a blunt while surrounded by his young granddaughters. The internet erupted with opinions, and the debate over whether it’s appropriate to smoke marijuana around children took center stage.

The smoke signals

Snoop’s love for cannabis is no secret. From his iconic music to his laid-back persona, he’s become synonymous with the green herb. But this time, the controversy lies in the proximity of his grandkids. Critics argue that exposing children to marijuana smoke, even if unintentional, is irresponsible. One commenter on social media wrote,

" Nobody and I do mean NOBODY should be smoking around my babies.” Another chimed in, “Is there a blunt in his hand in front of the grandbabies? Come on, man!"

The blunt truth

While some condemned Snoop’s actions, others defended him. Several commenters shared their own experiences, admitting they had smoked around their kids and relatives. One user boldly stated,

"I smoked around mine and also made damn sure they understood what was going on at a young age. Nobody was going to question my parenting choices"

A familiar tune

Snoop isn’t the first rapper to light up in front of their offspring. Earlier this year, Wiz Khalifa admitted to partaking in his favorite vice while in the presence of his son. Khalifa even confessed to showing up at his child’s school under the influence.

"H**l yeah, I’m pulling up stoned,” he told the Call Her Daddy podcast. “They expect it. It’s not like back in the day when you were considered a bad parent if you smelled like weed."

As the smoke clears, the debate continues. Is it acceptable to smoke weed around children? The answer remains as hazy as ever. While some parents see it as a non-issue, others believe it’s a boundary that shouldn’t be crossed. As for Snoop, he hasn’t responded to the backlash yet. But one thing’s for sure: this cloud of controversy won’t dissipate anytime soon.