Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross join forces with Spice-1 on fiery new track: “Gangsta shhh”

Bay area legend drops anticipated single ahead of upcoming album release
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In a seismic collaboration that has hip-hop aficionados buzzing, Snoop DoggRick Ross, and Spice-1 have united their lyrical prowess on the scorching new single, “Gangsta Shhh.” The track, released just days ago, is a tantalizing glimpse into Spice-1’s highly anticipated sequel album, Platinum O.G.2, slated to drop on May 3.

A historic first: Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross on the same track

Rick Ross - Rapper
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The West Coast meets the South as two heavyweight titans, Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross, lend their distinct voices to this electrifying anthem. For Snoop, it marks a momentous occasion:

"The homie Snoop and I have never done a song together until now,” reveals the Bay Area veteran. “So we wanted to make the song extra legendary with having Ross on it too."

“Gangsta shhh”: A sonic explosion

Spice 1
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The beat thumps, the lyrics sear, and the chemistry is undeniable. “Gangsta Shhh” is a raw, unapologetic declaration of street authenticity. Spice-1’s signature flow intertwines seamlessly with Snoop’s laid-back finesse and Rick Ross’s commanding presence. It’s a trifecta of rap excellence that leaves listeners craving more.

Platinum O.G.2: A star-studded lineup

But that’s not all. Platinum O.G.2 promises an all-star cast of collaborators. Alongside Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross, the album features guest appearances from hip-hop heavyweights such as Conway The MachineDJ PremierPaul WallTreachMC EihtDevin The DudeBushwick BillKXNG CrookedCL SmoothLil Flip, and even media personality Sway Calloway.

Ryan Elder’s executive touch

The project’s executive producer, Ryan Elder, holds Spice-1 in high regard:

"I think Spice is the most underrated rapper of all time. His significance and importance in the culture should be recognized. I truly care about preserving his legacy and would never do a sequel if I felt we couldn’t top the first one; and we did that. No one likes a bad sequel."

Spice-1’s Unwavering Legacy

Spice-1, known for his unflinching storytelling and gritty delivery, has left an indelible mark on hip-hop. His previous work, including the iconic Platinum O.G., resonates with fans worldwide. Now, with Platinum O.G.2, he continues to cement his status as a rap luminary.

Listen to “Gangsta Shhh” Now

Before the album’s official drop, dive into the heat of “Gangsta Shhh.” Stream it on all major digital platforms and witness the convergence of rap royalty. Spice-1, Snoop Dogg, and Rick Ross have set the bar high, and the streets are listening.