Snoop Dogg's Business Empire: A Look at the Mogul's Diverse Ventures

From Music to Business: A look at the many business ventures of Snoop Dogg
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Snoop Dogg, the iconic figure in hip-hop, has transcended the boundaries of music to build an empire that rivals the portfolios of the most seasoned entrepreneurs. His ventures are as varied as his musical influences, spanning from the cannabis industry to the culinary world. Recently, T-Pain humorously commented on Snoop Dogg's entrepreneurial pursuits, suggesting that the rapper's array of businesses is "out of control."

Snoop Dogg's business acumen is evident in his strategic investments and partnerships. His cannabis brand, Leafs By Snoop, was one of the first celebrity-endorsed marijuana lines, setting a precedent in the industry. His cookbook, "From Crook to Cook," invites fans into his kitchen, sharing his favorite recipes and cooking tips. Moreover, his involvement in a fintech venture showcases his foresight in emerging markets.

The collaboration between Snoop Dogg and T-Pain on the track "That’s How We Ballin' is a testament to their enduring relevance in the music industry. Their first collaboration since 2011, the song features a blend of T-Pain's signature auto-tune vocals and Snoop Dogg's smooth flow. The duo's ability to adapt and innovate keeps them at the forefront of the hip-hop scene.

Snoop Dogg's commitment to diversity and representation is further highlighted by his venture into the gaming industry with Death Row Games, co-founded with his son Cordell. The company focuses on providing a platform for minority creators in the gaming world, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and empowerment in a predominantly homogeneous industry.

Just recently, the rapper left fans in awe with a surprising twist when he declared he was biding farewell to smoking after decades. The next day, he pulled back the curtains on his smoke-free proclamation, indicating it was a stunt. This was then followed up with a video introducing the Smoke-Free Stove, which is a collaboration with GE Appliances. This goes to show what a marketing genius he is, hence his numerous businesses.

To assert Snoop Dogg's several business ventures, T-Pain on Monday (December) shared a mini-fridge full of ice cream he received from one of his businesses on Instagram. He also made jokes about the many hats Snoop wears. T-Pain then teases Snoop Dogg's extensive business endeavors, highlighting the rapper's success across multiple industries.

"Y'all, I am all for Black men getting they business on. It’s a thing I strive for,” he began. “It’s one of the things that I am and do. But real quick, I think it’s honestly safe to say that Snoop Dogg officially has too much shit going on. There’s just too much. It’s out of control. This man just sent me a got damn freezer with ice cream in it. This man has ice cream. I’m sick of it, Snoop. I’m sick of it."

"He continued: “What is this? This got to be one of the most inconvenient-ass gifts I’ve ever gotten in my life — that I’m about to absolutely tear the fuck out of. Mans might as well have given me a tropical fish to take care of or something. I mean thanks but shit, man. Just take a break bro. I was hoping to look at you as a role model and say, hey, when I get up there in age, I’ma just sit around and do nothing. Now it seems like you’re doing more than you ever did."

"Congratulations, but stop! You won, bro. You the big n-gga in the gym! You did it. Look, thank you. I’m about to eat this right now, but still. I was tryna go on a diet and got dammit. Thank you, Snoop. We love you man."

As Snoop Dogg continues to diversify his portfolio, he remains a prominent figure in both the entertainment and business sectors, demonstrating that his influence extends far beyond the microphone.

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