Snoop Dogg’s heartfelt and hilarious tribute to Dr. Dre: A legendary walk of fame moment

Snoop Dogg steals the show
Dr. Dre Honored With Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Dr. Dre Honored With Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame / Monica Schipper/GettyImages

The Hollywood Walk of Fame witnessed a historic moment as Dr. Dre—the iconic producer, rapper, and music mogul—was officially honored with his own star. The ceremony, held on Tuesday, was a star-studded affair, attended by some of Dre’s closest collaborators, including Eminem50 Cent, and the legendary Snoop Dogg.

While Dr. Dre was undoubtedly the man of the hour, it was Snoop Dogg who stole the show. The Long Beach rapper delivered a heartfelt and hilarious speech that left the audience in stitches. With his signature laid-back style and witty humor, Snoop paid tribute to his longtime friend and mentor.

“I wanna thank me”

Snoop Dogg began by comically giving himself props:

"I wanna thank me for taking the call from Warren and Dr. Dre in '91, even though I hung up on Warren a few times 'cause I thought the n***a was lying."

Laughter erupted from the crowd as Snoop playfully acknowledged his own role in Dre’s journey.

But the humor quickly transitioned into sincerity. Snoop described Dr. Dre as more than just a collaborator; he was a teacher, mentor, brother, guardian, protector, and, most importantly, a good friend. The bond between the two artists ran deep, and Snoop’s words resonated with everyone present.

A verse fit for a legend

Snoop didn’t stop there. He launched into a poetic verse crafted specifically for this occasion:

"Dr. Dre, my brother from another mother, a rock in the sands on the beach he’d soon discover. Now we deep cover, blood brothers on a mission, Dre’s edition. House with no furniture, studio in the back with a little bit of food in the kitchen. Long Beach to Compton to Calabasas, compositions; pay attention. Quincy had Michael, they rewrote the cycle. So if Dre is Q and Mike is Snoop, we bang G thang, motherf***ing supergroup."

The crowd erupted in applause. Snoop’s lyrical tribute captured the essence of their creative partnership—the highs, the struggles, and the unwavering loyalty.

Dre: The greatest ever

Interscope’s Jimmy Iovine also took the podium, declaring Dre as

"the greatest partner, friend, ally you could possibly have."

He encouraged aspiring entertainers to pray they meet a Dr. Dre. The sentiment echoed throughout the crowd, emphasizing Dre’s monumental impact on the music industry.

A Star Among Legends

Dr. Dre’s star joins the ranks of other hip-hop legends on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, including Ice-T, Ice Cube, Tupac Shakur, LL Cool J, and Missy Elliott. But on this sunny afternoon, it was all about Dre—the man who shaped an era, mentored countless artists, and left an indelible mark on the world of music.

As the applause subsided, Snoop Dogg summed it up perfectly:

"Dre, my brother, my mentor, my friend—you deserve every bit of this star."

Watch the unforgettable ceremony below:

Dr. Dre’s star shines bright, and Snoop Dogg’s words will echo through the Walk of Fame for generations to come. A moment etched in history.