Snoop Dogg’s motivating mentorship in Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud

Famous hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg creatively depicts his unmatched sense of pride in guiding the Texans quarterback C.
Snoop Dogg Performs At E11EVEN Miami During Miami Art Week
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Coach Snoop Dogg, the legendary rapper and music producer who has been running coaching young football talents for more than a decade. From his proteges, C.J Stroud who now shines as a quarterback for Houston Texans should serve the league’s evolving effects in more than one way.

Commencing his journey in Snoop's Youth Football League as a young player, Stroud has now propelled his team to the NFL divisional round this season. Presently, with a watchful eye on Stroud's every move, Snoop joyfully embraces the role of a proud father, reveling in the burgeoning NFL potential of his mentee.

Snoop’s Youth Football League has been a source of hope for inner-city kids looking forward to playing football since its establishment in 2005 as an non-profit organisation. This bond date back to when Stroud was perfecting his craft with the Pomona Steelers a decade ago.

In a recent appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, Snoop showed increased excitement to watch the matches not only for victory but also because these from-children have become fiercely competitive. Based on the analysis of Stroud’s path, Snoop mentioned his laser focus and spirituality coupled with a life story that is dramatically different from many others in this league.

"I watch for the thrill to see that these kids have turned into grown men and they’re playing big roles on these teams,” Tha Doggfather rapper added. “They’re used to these bright lights because they were put into these positions as kids"

"He’s so positive,” he said. “That’s what I like about him is that he’s pushing a different narrative than a lot of these other guys in the league. He’s pushing a real narrative of spirit love and just being a voice of positivity."

The selection of Stroud, who was a player for Ohio State University and the second overall pick during April’s NFL Draft 2023 emerged. Building an impressive stat line with 499 passes and a completion percentage of 63.9%, Stroud becomes one of the rising stars in the NFL league.

Interestingly, Snoop is now riding an actual art-imitating-life wave as the star of The Underdoggs a new movie debuting on Prime Video.In the movie, he depicts Jaycen "Two Js" Jennings—a retired pro football player turned youth coach who coaches a pee-wee team as part of his community service.

Interesting, Snoop’s Youth Football League has produced NFL stars such as De'Anthony Thomas, Ronnie Hillman and Cameron Jordan.Snoop boasts the role of a father to all league alumnus, reiterating that each player enters as child and remains his baby for life.

Finally, the Youth Football League by Snoop Dogg asserts itself to be an agent of change shaping several NFL player careers such as Texans Quarterback C.J. Stroud.The rapper is now a “proud father” watching his son Stroud grow up in the league, and their bond started even ten years ago during Snoop’s days on NFL.